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General Message from Admiral Sir David Beatty, Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet


[Rossyth, Scotland]

From:  C. in C.        To: General Cardiff         Date 11/17/18             G.F. Lion1                                   Time 1400

The following is a summary for information of the Grand Fleet of the main decisions arrived at yesterday Saturday at the meeting on board 2-E2 between the C. in C. and Rear Admiral Hugo [von] Muerer acting as representative of the German High Command. “A” Bayern and three battleships of the König class five battleships of the Kaiser class Hindenburg Derflinger Seydlitz Mi<o>ltke Von Der <T>ann. Seven of the most modern light cruisers and 50 of the most modern German destroyers will be surrendered to the Grand Fleet for internment at an early date. The battleship König and one other modern German light cruiser will be sent over when they are ready for sea. “B” Submarines all existing submarines are to be surrendered. They are being sent over in groups of 20 on successive days.


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 1: H. M. S. Lion was a British cruiser.

Footnote 2: Presumably referring to H. M. S. Queen Elizabeth, where the meeting took place., consulted 1/15/19.