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U.S. Navy Libraries: Historic Documents

General Order No. 292 (23 March 1882)
General Order No. 370 (23 May 1889)
Rules for the Navy Department Library (1893-97)
Rules for the Library of the Navy Department (pre-1910)
Instructions for Use and Care of Libraries Under the Bureau of Equipment (1897)
General Instructions for the Care of Libraries (1897)
Outline of Classification for Library Books (1901)
Catalog of Library Books Issued to Vessels of the US Navy (1886)


I. Officers of the Navy and others, employed under the authority of the Navy Department, have the privilege of drawing books from the Library.

II. An entry shall be made of all books or periodicals taken from the Library, under the name of the borrower.

III. The number of books allowed to individual borrowers shall be limited to three at any given time.

IV. All books shall be returned in two weeks from the date of issue. If, at the expiration of that time, the book has not been called for by some one else, the loan may be renewed for another week.

V. Books taken out for office use may be specially excepted from Rules III and IV, notice being given by the borrower at the time of issue.

VI. The same rules may also be relaxed in the case of officers engaged in special investigations, and requiring a class of books not in great demand; but no book shall be retained longer than two months without renewal.

VII. In loaning books, regard will be had to the requirements of offices in the Department, and priority will always be given to these offices.

VIII. Books which, on account of their value, or the nature of their contents, cannot properly be made subject to general demand, will be reserved for office use, and marked accordingly.

IX. No periodical will be taken from the Library within two weeks from the date of its receipt.

X. The above rules apply to all person connected with the Library, as well as to others.

Source: Congressional Information Service. US Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909, Part 5: Navy Department, microfiche no. N1602a4.




1. The Ship’s Library is intended for the use of the officers of the ship. The Department trusts that all officers will cooperate in keeping the Library in an orderly and efficient state by a strict and cheerful compliance with instructions.

2. Attention is called to article 571, page 128, US Navy Regulations, 1893, fixing the responsibility for the library books issued to the ship.

3. No book shall be withdrawn from the Ship’s Library unless a receipt in the prescribed form (Equipment Form No. 33), properly signed, is given to the Navigator or Librarian, who will hold the same as a voucher.

4. Before making the quarterly returns to the Bureau, all books will be called in, and all cases of delinquency will be brought to the attention of the commanding officer for his action, and for the information, if necessary, of the Bureau.

5. The receipt for a book will be returned upon the return of the book to the Navigator or Librarian, and should be destroyed by the officer who signed the same.


1. The Crew’s Library, composed of the lighter literature and of primary text-books, is intended principally for the use of the enlisted men; but the officers of the ship shall have the privileges of the Library, conforming to the rules established for its use and care.

2. An officer will be, wherever practicable, detailed to act as Librarian, having a competent petty officer as an assistant.

3. No books shall be taken from the shelves of the Crew’s Library except by the Librarian or by his assistant. The Library shall be open for the issue of books by them at regular intervals of at least twice a week, to be designated by the commanding officer.

4. No book shall be delivered, unless a receipt, in the prescribed form (Equipment Form No. 88), properly signed, is given to the Librarian or his assistant, who will hold the same as a voucher.

5. The receipt for a book will be returned upon the return of the book to the Librarian or to his assistant, and it should be destroyed by the person who signed the same.

6. Only one book will be issued to one person at one time, and it must be returned at the end of one week. Failure to do so will involve the penalty of forfeiture of the privilege of obtaining another book for one week from date of return, and of two additional weeks for every week after the first one. If not returned within three weeks the matter shall be brought to the attention of the commanding officer. The penalty list (Equipment Form No. 47) must be carefully kept up to date, and should be posted in a conspicuous place, accessible to the crew, whenever the Library is open; a door of one of the Library book cases is suggested as a convenient place.

7. A book may be renewed for one week, but must be returned at the end of the first week for that purpose; no book will be renewed more than twice; that is, retained longer than three consecutive weeks. Books which are found to be in especial demand will be marked “Seven days’ book,” and will be allowed to remain out only one week, and will not be renewable.

8. Persons drawing books will be held strictly responsible for their condition. Books are always supposed to be in good condition when issued, and the last borrower will be held responsible for any mutilation or defacement, unless the same is reported when the book is taken.

9. If any borrower lose or materially injure a book, it will be replaced at the cost of the person to whom it was last charged.

10. Reference books will not be issued. They can be seen on personal application to the Librarian during the hours when the Library is regularly open, as indicated by paragraph 8.

11. The CALL SLIP (Equipment Form No.46) is provided to facilitate the issue of books to the crew, the slip to be filled out by an intending borrower. The numbers of at least six books should be entered in the order of preference. The slips for all books called for on a certain day should be handed to the Librarian before the Library is regularly open; thus, if the Library is to be open for issue from 1 to 3 pm, the slips should be in before noon. This will enable the Librarian to assemble all books wanted by 1 o’clock. The librarian selects for issue the first book appearing on the slip which is on the shelves and cancels the numbers of all others. The Crew’s Library Book Receipt (Equipment Form No. 88) is signed for the book drawn.


1. The accounting of books to the Bureau of Equipment shall comprise:

  a. The filling out of the condensed accession books in duplicate, one copy to be retained on board in the possession of the Navigator, the other forwarded to the Bureau. These books having been once prepared for a certain date, the quarterly return of books as formerly made will be dispensed with.
  b. A report at the end of each quarter of all changes in the Libraries, such changes to be authenticated by a survey when they involve losses or repairs. This quarterly report of changes takes the place of the quarterly return of books (hitherto made) whenver the condensed accession books have been previously filled out, and reports of changes forwarded to the Bureau are by it transmitted to the Navy Yard, New York, where, by means of the books and reports, the exact condition of each ship’s libraries may be seen at any time.
  c. An inventory, taken upon the transfer of the libraries to another Navigator.
  d. The monthly report to the Navigator called for by paragraph 8, article 571, page 128, US Navy Regulations, 1893. A similar report is to be required by the Navigator of the Librarian of the Crew’s Library. These reports to be made on the Bureau of Equipment’s forms provided for the purpose.
  e. Periodicals such as the Proceedings of the US Naval Institute and the Journal of the Society of Naval Engineers will not be entered on the accession book, but will be expended for use as soon as received.
2. Care of books in use. It is strictly forbidden:

a. To write in, mark, deface or maltreat books in any way.

  b. To turn down corners or full leaves.

c. To use books for pressing flowers.


d. To loan books drawn.

  e. To remove books from the ship.

3. The suggestions of all persons using the libraries regarding possible improvements are invited. Of especial value will be well-defined criticism of books supplied as regards their usefulness and reliability, as well as suggestions of new books deemed desirable. Books of travel, for instance, can be accurately judged only in the places to which they relate. The users of such books are able to give the Bureau valuable information on their reliability.


1. When new books are received, or in the arrangement of the libraries in the first instance, the following directions shall be followed in so far as they have not already been complied with:

  a. Cut the leaves, taking great care to run the paper cutter the full length of the fold.
  b. Emboss the book on the title page and on full-page illustrations; also on the first page containing the figure 9 and on the last page containing the figure 4.

At the New York and Mare Island navy yards, where the embossing is regularly done on all books passing through the hands of the equipment officer, the Bureau’s seal is used for this purpose, and the use of this seal should be obtained on all vessels fitting or refitting; where this is not practicable the ship’s seal with be used. In embossing books which contain a large number of full-page illustrations, it is necessary, in order to avoid increasing the size of the book unduly in any one part, to vary the place of embossing; for instance, the first full-page illustration may be embossed near the bottom, the second near the middle, the third near the top, and the fourth again near the bottom of the page, and so on. When books that have been embossed are to be sold in accordance with an approved survey, the embossing, wherever it occurs, shall be defaced in red ink with a rubber stamp containing the words: “Navy Department, Bureau of Equipment. Recommended for sale.”

c. Paste the bookplate supplied by the Bureau on the middle of the inside of the first cover of each volume.

  d. Paste the book label on the back of each volume. The upper edge of the label should be at least half an inch from the top of the book. It is preferably placed in the middle of the top panel, and in all books bound according to the Bureau’s specifications this will be left blank for the purpose; but when the label would cover an important part of the lettering, it should be placed in the first vacant panel not interfering with the lettering on the back of the book.

e. Write the book number on the Dennison label on the back of the book, the class number above the author number. The class number is given by the Outline of Classification; the author number by Cutter’s Alfabetic Order Table, supplied to each Ship’s Library. The book number is the fraction of which the class number is the numerator and author number the denominator.

  f. Arrange the books on the shelves by classes and alphabetically in each class by the book numbers on the labels on the backs of the books. They will therefore stand in the order of the entries in the Library Catalogue, except in the case of folio volumes, which must be shelved by themselves.
  g. Use the Library Catalogue as a shelf list for taking the inventory. For new books, make the entries in the blank pages of the Library Catalogue, putting new titles as nearly as possible opposite the similar book number in the proper classes, and the other entries similar to those in the Catalogue.

Chief of Bureau of Equipment.
June 19, 1897.

Source: Congressional Information Service. US Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909, Part 5: Navy Department, microfiche no. N502-15.

January 22, 1901




1. General works:

Foreign Nautical Phrase Books.
General Cyclopedias.
General Reference Books.

2. Naval and Military Intelligence and Information:

General Information Series, Office of Naval Intelligence.
War Series, Office of Naval Intelligence.
Naval Annuals.
Naval Professional Papers.
Naval Registers.

3. Naval and Military Arts:

Naval Architecture.
Ordnance and Gunnery.

4. Naval and Military History:

Other and General.

5. Useful Arts:

Domestic Economy.
Electrical Arts.
Mechanic Arts and Invention.

6. Natural Sciences:

Geology: the Earth, Oceans.

7. Fine Arts:

Painting and Sculpture.
Sports and Amusements.

8. Sociology:

Commerce and Communication.
Customs and Folklore.
Political Economy.
Political Science.

9. Law and Diplomacy.

10. General History and Geography:


11. Ancient History and Geography:


12. Great Britain:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

13. France:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

14. Germany and Austria:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

15. Italy:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

16. Russia and Spain:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

17. Europe in General and Minor Countries:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

18. Africa and Asia:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

19. United States:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

20. North America:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

21. Central and South America:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

22. Oceanica and Polar Regions:

(History and Travel; Geography and Description.)

23. Travels and Adventures:

Around the World.
Cruises and Voyages.

24. Biography:


25. Philosopy:

Mind and Body.

26. Religion.

27. Language:

History of Literature.
Text Books.

28. Literature in General:

Humor and Satire.

29. American Fiction and Essays.

30. English Fiction and Essays.

31. Foreign Fiction and Essays.


Source: Congressional Information Service. US Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909, Part 5: Navy Department, microfiche no. N506-23.1.





This Catalogue is published for the information of officers of the US Navy.

Library books belonging to a ship are intended for the use of all officers attached to the vessel; also to be loaned to petty officers and men when the commanding officer may think it expedient.

A correct record will be kept of the books loaned, and those who receive them will be held responsible for their return in good order, after a specified time. If injured or lost, the officer or man to whom the books were loaned will be held responsible to the amount of the respective invoice prices.

Books hereafter issued by this Bureau will be entered in this Catalogue, in ink, immediately after their receipt.


Chief of Bureau.
NAVY DEPARTMENT, March 1, 1886.

LIBRARY BOOKS. [Titles and prices.]

Regular Allowance Books Language
Jurisprudence History and Biography
Diplomatic Geographical
Naval and Military Miscellaneous
Naval Intelligence Publications - War Series Practical Papers (Hydrographic Office)
Naval Intelligence Publications - General Information Series Special Requisition Books
Naval Scientific and Professional Papers Addenda (Books added Mar 1- July 1, 1886)

Bible, Royal, 8 vo $2.00
Prayer Book, 8 vo, .75


Act for more efficient Discipline in the Navy.
Administration of Law and Justice in the Navy.
Articles for Government of Navy (pamphlet.)
Articles for Government of Navy (placard.)
Brightley’s Digest, 2 vols per set $8.00
Citizenship by Birth and Naturalization (Morse) 3.00
Constitution of the United States 1.50
Courts-Martial (Harwood) 1.75
Digest of Opinions of Judge Advocate General United States Army, 1880 2.00
Greenleaf on Evidence 5.00
International Law (Wheaton) 5.00
Kent’s Commentaries 6.50
Laws relating to the US Navy, 1883 (Hogg) 2.50
Maritime Law (Glass) 2.00
Navy Laws, 1875 2.50
Navy Regulations 1.00
Revised Statutes of the United States (1875) 4.00
Revised Statues, Supplement (1874-1881) 4.00
Story on the Constitution 2.50


Diplomatic Correspondence, 1861-1866, and continuations. $2.00
Foreign Treaties (1873) 4.00
Foreign Treaties, Supplement (1873-1881) 2.00
Foreign Treaties and Conventions, since July 4, 1776 (Revised Edition, 1886) 2.17
State Department Register
United States Consular Regulations 1.00


Atlantic Coast (Ammen) $0.60
Blockade and the Cruisers
(Soley) .60
British Navy
, 5 vols.,(Brassey) per set 6.50
Exterior Ballistics
General Register U.S. Navy, 1782-1882
(Hamersly) 10.00
Gulf and Inland Waters
(Mahan) .60
L’Année Maritime
Military Life in Italy
(Amieis) 1.33
Naval Architecture, Manual of (White) 4.87
Naval Construction (Meade) 7.50
Naval Ship-building (Wilson) 6.00
Naval Education, Foreign Systems of (Solay) 1.00
Naval Encyclopedia (Hamersly) 10.00
Naval and Military Technical Dictionary (Burns) 5.00

*Naval Intelligence Publications – War Series:
Operations of French Navy during war with Tunis, 1881, (Wright.)
War between Chili and Peru and Bolivia, (Mason.)
British Operations in Egypt, 1882, 2 parts, (Goodrich.)

*Naval Intelligence Publications – General Information Series:
Crystal Palace Electrical Exhibition, 1882, (Sprague.)
Modern Naval Tactics, (Hoff.)
Naval Operations during year ending July, 1885.

Naval Scientific and Professional Papers:
No.1 – Astronomy, (Chauvenet.)
No.2 – Tides and Tidal Phenomena, (Mitchell.)
No.3 – Lightning Conductors.
No.4 – Circumnavigation Committee, Report of.
No.5 – Marine Compass, (Greene.)
No.6 – Chronometer Rates, (Davis.)
No.7 – Turning Powers of Ships, (White.)
No.8 – Observations for Dip, (Howell.)
No.9 – Length of Nautical Mile, (Hilgard.)
No.10 – Iron Ships, (Reprints.)
No.11 – Steel for Ship Building, (Reprints.)
No.12 – Screw Propulsion, (Reprints.)
No.13 – Principles of Magnetism, (Lyons.)
No.14 – Experiments with Steel, (Reprints.)
No.15 – Ships, Guns, and Armor, (Reprints.)
No.16 – Engines, Boilers, and Torpedo Boats, (Reprints.)
No.17 – Magnetism of Iron and Steel Ships, (Lyons.)
No.18 – Training of Enlisted Men, (Reprints.)
No.19 – Variations of the Compass, (Bur.Nav.)
No.20 – Naval Brigade and Operations on Shore, (Gilman.)

Naval Songs $0.80
Naval Warfare Afloat and Ashore .25
Navies of the World, (Very) 7.50
Ordnance and Gunnery, (Cooke) 10.00
Ordnance and Gunnery, Text-Book Naval Academy 3.00
Question of Ships, (Kelley) .75
Rifle and Carbine Firing, (Blunt) 1.34
Russian Campaign in Turkey, 2 vols., (Greene) per set 3.60
Sailor’s Hand Book, (Bedford) 2.12
Sailor’s Handy Book, (Qualtrough) 2.10
Sea Coast Defenses, Our, (Griffin) .25
Seamanship, (Luce) 8.00
Soldier’s Pocket-Book, (Wolseley) 1.00
Steam Fleet Tactics, (Parker) 1.00
Training of Seamen in England and France, (Chadwick) 1.00
Upton’s Tactics 1.34 War Ships, (King) 10.00


Catechism on Steam Engine, (Bourne) $0.50
Lessons and Practical Notes on Steam .25
Marine Steam Engine, (Sennett) 4.45
Researches on Steam, 2 vols., (Isherwood) per set 10.00
Steam Boilers, (Shock) 12.00


French Dictionary $4.80
German Dictionary 3.15
Spanish Dictionary 4.00
Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, (Roget) 1.20
Webster’s Dictionary, (unabridged) 8.00


*American Commonwealths per vol. $0.75

*American Statesman per vol. $0.75
Adams, John.
Adams, J.Q.
Adams, Samuel.
Marshall, John.

*Additional volumes will be added as published.
Amongst the Shans, (Colquhoun) $2.70
Army Life in Russia, (Greene) .90
Battle of Mobile Bay, (Parker) 2.50
Brazil, the Amazons, and Coast, (Smith) 3.00
Cæsar, (Froude) .90
Campaigns of the Civil War, per vol. .60
Outbreak of Rebellion, (Nicolay.)
From Fort Henry to Corinth, (Force.)
The Peninsula, (Webb.)
The Army under Pope, (Ropes.)
Antietam and Fredericksburg, (Palfrey.)
Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, (Doubleday.)
The Army of the Cumberland, (Cist.)
The Mississippi, (Greene.)
Campaign of Atlanta, (Cox.)
The March to the Sea – Franklin and Nashville, (Cox.)
The Shenandoah Valley, (Pond.)
Virginia Campaign of 1864 and 1865, (Humphreys.)
Statistical Records, (Phisterer.)

China, (Gray) $4.56
Civil War in America, (Compte de Paris,) 3 vols per vol. 2.10
Congo, (Stanley) 6.00
Constantinople, (Amicis) 1.00
Corea, the Hermit Nation, (Griffis) 2.10
Croker’s Correspondence and Diaries, 2 vols. (Jennings) 3.00
Cruise of the Brooklyn, (Beehler) 2.50
Dahlgren, Rear Admiral, Memoir of, (Dahlgren) 2.00
Dawn of History, (Keary) .75
Dundonald, Earl, Life of , 2 vols. per set 1.50

Epochs of Ancient History, per vol. $0.60
Troy: Legend and History, (Benjamin.)
The Greeks and the Persians, (G.W. Cox.)
The Athenian Empire, (G.W. Cox.)
Rise of the Macedonian Empire, (A.M. Curteis.)
Early Rome, (Ihne.)
Rome and Carthage, (Smith.)
The Gracchi, Marius, and Sulla, (A.H. Beesly.)
The Roman Triumvirates, (Marivale.)
The Early Empire, (W.W. Capes.)
The Age of the Antonines, (W.W. Capes.)

Epochs of Modern History, per vol. $0.60
Beginning of the Middle Ages, (R.W. Church.)
The Normans in Europe
, (A.H. Johnson.)
The Crusades, (G.W. Cox, M.A.)
The Early Plantagenets, (Stubbs.)
Edward Third, (Warburton.)
The Houses of Lancaster and York, (Gairdner.)
Era of the Protestant Revolution, (Seebohm.)
The Age of Elizabeth, (Creighton.)
The Puritan Revolution, 1603-1660, (Gairdner.)
The Thirty Years War, (Gardiner.)
The Fall of the Stuarts, (Hale.)
The Age of Anne, (E.E. Morris.)
Frederick the Great, (Longman.)
The French Revolution, (Morris.)
The Epoch of Reform, (McCarthy.)

Farragut, Admiral, Life of, (Farragut) $4.00
Fifty Years of Men and Events, (Keyes) .90
Gettysburg to the Rapidan .45
Golden Chersonese, (Bird) 1.50
Gordon, General, Life of, (Routledge) .71
Guerres Maritimes, (Gravière) 1.28
Hawkes, Lord, Life of, (Burrows) 4.26
Historical Geography of Europe, 2 vols., (Freeman) per set 6.40
History of the American Flag, (Preble) 4.00
History of the Navy during the Rebellion, (Boynton) 5.00
History of the United States, 10 vols., (Bancroft) per set 15.00
History of the Indian Navy, (Low) 5.84
History US Naval Academy, (Soley) 1.50
Holland and its People, (Amicis) 1.34
Indian Mutiny, (Thornhill) 2.50
Keith, Lord, Life of, (Alderdyce) 4.26
Lawrence, Lord, Life of 3.00
Lyndhurst, Lord, Life of, (Martin) 1.82
Markham, Admiral, Life of, (Low) 2.84
Merv Oasis, 2 vols., (O’Donovan) per set 4.66
Mexico To-Day, (Brocklehurst) 4.25
Mikado’s Empire, (Griffis) 2.80
Morocco, (Amicis) 1.34

Napoleon, The First, (Ropes) 1.25
Naval Brigade in South Africa, (Norbury) .97
Naval Career during the Old War, [See Markham.]
Naval History of the United States, (Cooper) 1.25
Naval War of 1812 1.67
Nelson, Lord, Life of .75
Origin of Nations, (Rawlinson) .75
Pepys, Samuel, and the World he lived in 1.00
Peter the Great, (Schuyler) 6.00
Porter, Commodore D., Memoirs of, (Porter) 4.00
Recollections of a Naval Officer, (Parker) .90
Russians at Merv and Herat, (Marvin) 4.38
Russians at the Gates of Herat, (Marvin) .60
Russian under the Tzars, (Stepniak) .90
Sherman, General, Memoirs of, (Sherman) 4.00
Short Studies, 4 vols., (Froude) per set 3.60
Spain and the Spaniards, (Amicis) 1.34
Turkish Life in War Time, (Dwight) .90
Uganda and the Egyptian Soudan, (Wilson) 1.82
Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, (Bird) 2.00
Underground Russia, (Stepniak) .75
Washington, Life of, 5 vols. in 1, (Irving) 2.50


Atlas of the World, (Bradley) $20.00
Atlas of the World, (Colton) 14.00
Atlas of the World, (Stieler) 14.00
Lippincott’s Gazetteer 7.50
Payer - New Lands Within the Arctic Circle, or Austrian Arctic Voyage. – 2 vols. 2.07
Problem of Interoceanic Communication, (Sullivan) 1.50
River Congo, (Johnston) 3.00
Statistical Atlas of United States, (Scribner) 26.25


Allowance Books $1.00
American Cyclopedia, (Appleton) per set 82.50
Annual Cyclopedia, (Appleton) per vol. 6.00
Astronomy, (Newcomb) 1.50
Avoidance of Collisions at Sea, (Hoff) .60
Brande’s Dictionary 10.00
Catalogue of Ship’s Library.
Creators of the Age of Steel, (Jeans) 1.52
Deep Sea Sounding, (Sigsbee.)
Depths of the Sea, (Thomson) 6.00
Deviation of Compass, Admiralty Manual of 1.09
Deviation of the Compass in Iron Ships, Elementary Manual for the, (Evans) .91
Deviation of the Compass, (Howell) 1.50
Easy Star Lessons, (Proctor) 1.67
Electricity and Magnetism, (Thompson) .91
Electric Light, (Urquhart) 1.52
Engineers and Mechanics’ Pocket Book 3.20
Finding the Compass Error 3.50
Flags of Maritime Nations, (Bur. Nav.) 1.00
Greely, Rescue of, (Schley and Soley) 1.80
Gulf Stream, Northern and Eastern Extension, (Hyd. Office) 5.00
Gulf Stream, 6 Supplements, (Hyd. Office) .25
Hand Book of Washington, (Keim) .75
Jeannette, Court of Inquiry on Loss of 1.00
Journal Royal United Service Institution.
London Engineer.
Magnetism of Ships and Deviations of Compass, 2 vols., (Bur. Nav.) per vol. 3.00
Meteorology, Treatise on, (Loomis) 2.00
Meteorology, Treatise on, (Morris) 1.50
Meteorological and Physical Tables, (Guyot) 10.00
Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, (Coffin) 1.50
Navigation, Notes on, (Harrington) 1.59
Navigation, Wrinkles in, (Lecky) 2.61
Practical Aid to the Navigator, (Sturdy) 1.60

Practical Papers (Hyd. Office):

1. Determination of Geographical Positions.
2. Nautical and Hydrographical Observations.
3. Searching for Dangers.
4. Memoranda on Running Survey of an Island.
5. Determination of Secondary Meridians.
6. Rogers’ Portable Micrometer.

Physical Geography, (Ansted) $1.45
Principles and Acts of the Revolution, (Niles) 1.80
Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute.
Routes of Mail Steamers, English Channel to New York .15
Sailors’ Horn-book, (Piddington) 2.00
Scientific Inquiry, Admiralty Manual of 3.00
Stars, Book of the, (Rosser) 1.00
Steam Lanes Across the Atlantic Ocean, (Hyd. Office) .20
Storms, Law of, (Dove) 2.00
Surveying, Marine, (Naval Academy) .75
Surveyors, Hydrographic, Instructions for, (Bur. Nav.) .15
Tides, Book of .10
U.S. Government, (Lamphere) 1.50
Weather Guide, Barometer, Thermometer &c., (Bur. Nav.) .25


Africa, (Foote) $1.00
American Revolution, (Botta) 1.00
Armored Vessels, (Navy Department.)
Astronomy, (Norton) 1.00
Astronomy, (White) 1.25
Classical Dictionary, (Anthon) 2.00
Collingwood, Life of 1.64
Columbus, (Irving) .50
Commercial Dictionary, (McCulloch) 12.00
Courts-Martial, (De Harte) 1.00
Cruise of the Dolphin .75
Cyclopedia of Commerce 2.00
Diplomatic Code, (Elliott) 1.00
Dutch Republic, (Motley) 3.00
Earth and Man, (Dawson) 1.00
Earth and Man, (Guyot) 1.50
Engineering Precedents 1.00
Experiments on Gunpowder 1.00
Fleets of the World, (Parker) 4.00
Geographical Dictionary, 4 vols., (McCulloch) per set 42.00
Geology, (Lee.)
Geology, (Lyell) 2.00
Instruments, Description of, (Simms) .50
Kedge Anchor, (Brady) 1.00
Law of Nations, (Vattel) 1.00
Maritime Law, (Dahlgren) .50
Maritime Law, (Parson) 5.00
Mechanics, (Jamieson) 1.00
Mechanics, (Weisbach) 2.00
Method to Learn French, (Fallon) 1.10
Mineralogy, (Dana) 1.00
Naval Dry Docks, (Stewart.)
Naval Gunnery, (Douglass) .50
Naval History, (James.)
Naval Laws
, (Callan & Russell) 2.00
Naval Steamers
, (Stewart.)
Naval Tactics
, (Clerk.)
Naval Tactics, (Ward) .50
Naval Text-Book, (Totten) 2.00
Ordnance Manual
, (Army.)
Physical Geography, (Manry) 3.00
Rebellion Record
Records of Living Officers of the United States Navy 3.00
Sea Law
, (Jacobson) 1.50
Shipmaster’s Assistant
Squadron Tactics under Steam, (Parker) 1.87
Steam for the Million
, (Ward) 1.25
Submarine Warfare
, (Barnes) 2.00
Topography and Atlas
, (Enthoffer.)
Treatise on Screw Propeller, (Bourne) 2.00
Treatise on Steam Engine, (Bourne) 3.00
, (Chauvenet) 1.00
United States Navy from 1775 to 1853.
Warfare with Steam
, (Douglass) .50
Washington, Life of
, (Marshall) 2.50
Worcester’s Dictionary


Books added to Ships’ libraries from March 1 to July 1, 1886.
American Diplomacy, (Schuyler) $1.50
Ancient Empires of the East, (Sayce) .90
Bismarck in the Franco-German War, (Busch) 1.50
Blake, Robert, Admiral and General at Sea, (Dixon) 1.31
Chemistry, The New, (Cooke) 1.34
Chronometers, Notes on Management of, (Shadwell) 1.50
Codrington, Sir Edward, Memoir of
Consular Reminiscences, (Horstmann) .75
English, The, in Ireland, (Froude) 2.70
Episodes of my Second Life, (Gallenga) .90
Explosive Materials, (Bertholet) .37
Explosives, The Modern High, (Eissler) 3.00
Future Naval Battles, (Elliott) 2.84
Grant, U.S., Personal Memoirs of, 2 vols 4.67
Greek Islands and Turkey since the War, (Field) .90
Hannoverians, The Early, (Morris), Modern Hist. Series .60
Himalayas, In the, (Cumming) 2.10
History of England, Popular, 9 vols., (Knight) 12.00
History of the United States, 4 vols., (Bryant) 19.20
Huguenots, The Rise of the, in France, 2 vols., (Baird) 2.10
Infantry Fire Tactics, (Mayne) 1.25
Metternich, Prince, Memoirs of, 2 vols 3.00
Miot de Melito, Count, Memoirs of 1.20
Missouri, The Fight for, (Snead) .90
Montcalm and Wolfe, (Parkman) 1.80
Oceana, (Froude) 1.50
Operations of War, (Hamley) 6.09
Our Chancellor, (Busch) 1.50
Persia, the Land of the Imams, (Bassett) .90
Spartan and Theban Supremacies, (Sankey), Anc. Hist. Series .60
Surveying, Hydrographical, (Wharton) 3.10
Talleyrand, Prince, and Louis XVIII, Correspondence of .90
Thomas, General Geo. H., Life of, (Van Horne) 1.80
Two Years in the Jungle, (Hornaday) 2.40


Source: Congressional Information Service. US Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909, Part 5: Navy Department, microfiche no. N1702-19.1.


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