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Letter from Lord Mountbatten to Admiral Stark, Feb. 15, 1945 

Letter from Lord Mountbatten to Admiral Stark dated Feb. 15, 1945


South East Asia Command Headquarters

15th February, 1945.


My dear Admiral,

    I have just heard that you have been made an honorary G.B.E. and am writing to send you my heartiest congratulations. I am so glad about it and so I am sure will be your many friends on both sides of the Atlantic. If I may say so it is a fitting tribute to the splendid work you have done in the Allied cause not only in recent years in London but also in earlier days at the beginning of the war when you were C.N.O. in Washington.

    All is going very well here in Burma at present, which is a great change from past months and after all the disappointments we have suffered with regard to the provision of resources from Europe. Savvy Cooke is passing through in a day or two on his way back from the ARGONAUT conference, and I am expecting to get the latest news from him and whether there is any chance of more resources coming our way soon. If only we can get a few more landing craft and the personnel to man them I am sure we could go right away to the South at a pretty good speed.

    Your "Lifesvers" are still going strong! I am the envy of everyone as they are in short supply out here even among the Americans.

    Best wishes to you and once more heartiest congratulations on your award.

                                    Yours very sincerely,

                                    [signed] Dickie Mountbatten


Published: Mon Mar 08 13:44:07 EST 2021