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The Attack on the Pentagon

The Pentagon was struck by American Airlines Flight 77 at approximately 0937 on 11 September 2001.  The plane hit the E Ring at the first deck level between Corridors 4 and 5.  The plane's path of destruction ended in the alley between the C Ring and B Ring.

The photos in this gallery are a small portion of those found in the Pentagon 9/11 collections held by the Navy Archives.  The photos are organized chronologically starting with the first photos taken in the minutes after the attack.  Because the photos were pulled from different sources, they all have different time stamp formats, so some guesses were made based on whether the E Ring had collapsed in the photo or not.

These photos are in the public domain.  We ask that any use of an photo or photos properly credit the source.  The citation information for each photo can be found on the individual photo page.

Most of the photos in this gallery are found in AR/670.  The other photos in this gallery are found in AR/671, which is not currently described online.

Documenting the Attack on the Pentagon on 9/11 (AR/670) is a collection of oral histories, photographs, and other historical materials gathered by Navy Combat Documentation Detachment 206 in the aftermath of the attack. The collection guide contains links to nearly 100 of those oral histories as well as guides to the oral histories and other related materials held by the Navy Archives.