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Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, to Flag Officers


Leased Wire     (Code translation)            Washington DC

FROM : Opnav.                                    March 16 1918

TO   : C-in-C, Atlantic Fleet, Comcrufor. (Atlantic) Comdt. Amer Patrol Detach.; Flag, San Dom. Nav. Rad. St. Thomas, V.I., Navy Radio New Orleans Comdts 1-8th Nav. Dists., Com. 15th Nav. Dist.1

To:    Commandant 6th Naval District

From:  Chief Naval Operations

MOST SECRET- From information gained by contact with enemy cruising submarines, one may be encountered anywhere west of 40th west2  No lights should be carried except as may be necessary to avoid collision and paravanes|3| should be used when practicable and feasible – Acknowledge

Commander in Chief (Atl Fleet)4

Commander Cruiser Force (Atlantic)5

Commander American Patrol Detachment6

Flag San Domingo7

Navy Radio S. Thomas V I

Comdt. 1st Nav. Dist.

       2nd  "    " 

       3rd  "    " 

       4th  "    " 

       5th  "    " 

       6th  "    " 

       7th  "    " 

       8th  "    "8

      15th  "    "9         13016

Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. There are notes at the bottom of this copy of the cable: “Referred to Comdt. Naval Station, Pensacola V.F.Nelson” and “Received by mail 17 May, 1918.”

Footnote 1: The list of intended recipients, with minimal abbreviations, is printed at the end of this message.

Footnote 2: That is, latitude 40° west.

Footnote 3: For a description of paravanes, see: Hugh Rodman to Henry Mayo, 19 December 1917.

Footnote 4: Adm. Henry T. Mayo.

Footnote 5: RAdm. Albert Gleaves.

Footnote 6: RAdm. Henry B. Wilson.

Footnote 7: The American commander at San Domingo, Dominican Republic, was RAdm. Harry S. Knapp.

Footnote 8: In order from First to Eighth Naval District, the commandants were: RAdm. Spencer S. Wood; Capt. Patrick W. Hourigan; RAdm. Nathaniel R. Usher; RAdm. James M. Helm; RAdm. William McLean; RAdm. Frank E. Beatty; RAdm. William B. Fletcher; and Commo. Valentine S. Nelson.

Footnote 9: The Fifteenth Naval District covered the Panama Canal Zone; it was commanded by Cmdr. Leonard R. Sargent.

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