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United States Consul at Hong Kong Rounsevelle Wildman to Secretary of State William R. Day



This answers Long’s cable to Dewey from best information attainable.1 Dewey cannot reply under week. 21,000 Spanish Troops of which 4,000, are native 2000 volunteers. All but 1,000 at Manila. They have 10 mountain guns. no large field artillery which was proven last rebellion2 not practicable. Plenty good ponies 12 hand high3 available. no food Philippines but rice large supply after should be taken for Insurgent allies.


Source Note: C, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 363. Cable sent on “THE GREAT NORTHERN TELEGRAPH COMPANY,” stationery from the Hong Kong Station. Docketed: “Wildman/May 17, 1898/Telegram/Req. information reg./Spanish troops etc,/-Manila.”

Footnote 2: “Last rebellion” refers to the outbreak of Filipino hostilities against Spain from 1896 to 1897.

Footnote 3: A “hand” is equivalent to four inches.

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