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Selected Bibliography 


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  • Microfiche 73: WWII War Diary of Indianapolis. Set of 15 fiche.
  • Microfilm reel NRS 461 for IBM casualty list of 30 July 1945, for losses in Philippine Sea area. Microfilm reel. 
  • Microfilm reel NRS 462 for documents on loss of Indianapolis on 30 July 1945. Contents of reel include:
    • Interview with Capt. Charles B. McVay III.
    • Indianapolis Report of loss dated 12 Aug. 1945
    • Indianapolis Report of circumstances of loss dated 26 Aug. 1945.
    • Western Carolines Subordinate Area Report of Search and Rescue dated 15 Aug. 1945
    • Navy Department press releases (Navy Department Library):
      • Charges and Specifications in Case of Captain Charles B. McVay, III, USN, 3 December 1945
      • Narrative of the Circumstances of the Loss of USS Indianapolis, 23 February 1946
      • Report on Court Martial of Captain Charles B. McVay, III, USN, Commanding Officer, USS Indianapolis, 23 February 1946
      • Announcement of scheduled appearance of Commander Hashimoto at Court Martial of Captain McVay.12 December 1945
  • "ULTRA Extracts," Photocopies in USS INDIANAPOLIS file, Box 396B, Navy History and Heritage Command Archives, WNY. Originals from COMNAVSECGRU File 5830/114.

  • “USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA-35) Ship History”, several boxes containing miscellaneous materials related to the history of INDIANAPOLIS (materials cover pre-war service, WWII service, sinking, investigation, and exoneration efforts).  Ship Histories, NHHC Archives, WNY.

  • Joint Intelligence Center Pacific Ocean Areas. United States Navy File of SIGTOT Messages From JICPOA Estimates Section to CINCPAC Advanced Headquarters, March-August 1945 [SRMD-005]. Located in Navy Department Library Special Collections.

The microfilm and microfiche copies are held in the NHHC Archives Branch, however, are temporarily inaccessible due to renovations. Please contact us to find out when access to these documents will be available again and to schedule a research appointment.  The Archives Branch does not duplicate microfilm and microfiche.  Researchers must visit to view the material.


Court of Inquiry, CINPAC #5083, CINPAC 1945, Flag Files Screening Documents RG 38/370/13/05/06, Box 45. National Archives II, College Park, MD. 

Court Martial, USS Indianapolis Navy Retain File. National Archives II, College Park, MD. 

"Action Reports Western Carolines.," RG38/370/44/20/5, Box 80. National Archives II, College Park, MD. 

“COMINCH Chart Room Pacific Dispatches,” RG 38/370/10/25/04, Box 83. National Archives II, College Park, MD. 

“Action Reports Peleliu Island Command,” RG 38/370/44/20/03, Box 70. National Archives II, College Park, MD. 

“Deck Logs of LST-779 July/August 1945,” RG 24/470/38/14/01. National Archives II, College Park, MD. 

Photo collection of survivors of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35), taken at U.S. Naval Base Hospital No. 20, Peleliu, 5 August 1945. Images from 80-G-336761 through 80-G-336800, Box 1269, National Archives II, College Park, MD.


Veterans History Project, The Library of Congress.  Available at

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