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"Survivors of the USS Indianapolis," from Indianapolis Files, NHHC Archives, WNY. And, CINPAC #5083, CINPAC 1945, Flag Files Screening Documents, RG 38/370/13/05/06, Box 45, NARA II, College Park.

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Survivors of the U.S.S. Indianapolis 

Casualty Summaries from USN and Court of Inquiry 

[begin Document 1 USN Casualty Summation] 


Aboard: 1,196

Died at sea: 880

Survived: 316


Commissioned Officers (12)

Captain Charles B. McVay III

Lt. Cmdr. Lewis L. Hayes

Lt. Cmdr. Richard B. Redmayne

Lt. Cmdr. John Reid

Lt. Erwin F. Hensch

Lt. (jg) Charles B. McKissick

Lt. (jg.) Melvin W. Modisher

Ens. Donald J. Blum

Ens. John D. Howison

Ens. Ross Rogers Jr.

Ens. Harland M. Twible

Ens. John Woolston


Warrant Officers (3)

Harley C. Hanson, Machinist

Cecil M. Harrison, Chief Gunner

Durward R. Horner, Gunner


Chief Petty Officers (8)

Clarence U. Benton, Chief Firecontrolman

Harold W. Daniel, Chief Boatswain’s Mate

Albert E. Ferguson, Chief Machinist’s Mate

Ralph Lane, Chief Machinist’s Mate

James A. Norberg, Chief Boatswain’s Mate

John A. Schmueck, Chief Pharmacist’s Mate

Donald H. Shown, Chief Firecontrolman

Glenn W. Stewart, Chief Firecontrolman


Marines (9)

First Sgt. Jacob H. Greenwald

Corp. Edgar A. Harrell

PFC Max M. Hughes

PFC Melvin C. Jacob

PFC Giles G. McCoy

PFC Raymond A. Rich

PFC Earl Riggins

PFC Miles L. Spooner

PFC Paul R. Uffelman


Rated Men: 121

Seamen: 136

Firemen: 27


Time of Sinking: 12:14 a.m., July 30, 1945

Place of Sinking: 134/48 E. Long., 12/2 N. Lat., 600 m. from Guam, 550 miles from Leyte

[end Document 1 USN Casualty Summation] 

[begin Document 2 Casualty Summation from Court of Inquiry] 


Authority NND 917001 

8 August 1945 

Memorandum To: Captain C.B. McVay III, U.S.N. 

Attached is a roster of all personnel officers and enlisted men aboard the USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA35) at the time of the sinking 30 July 1945. 

LIST 1 is a roster of 80 [78 MV] officers attached to the ship and (1) passenger, Captain Crouch, USN. 

LIST II  is officers and enlisted men of Com5thFleet staff about the USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA35). 

LIST III is a roster of two (2) officers and thirty-seven (37) Marines personnel attached to the USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA35). 

LIST IV is a roster of enlisted personnel aboard ship.  Page twenty is roster of aviation detail.  Note two (2) men of Flag Allowance, Com5thFleet, are included in ship’s roster. 

LIST V is report of Navy dead and wounded by Ensign J. Blum, USNR. 

LIST VI is a report of wounded Marines by Ensign Donald J. Blum. 

LIST VII is roster of dead and wounded at Base Hospital #20. 

Total Personnel Aboard 30 July 1945: 84 Officers [82 MV]; 1114 Enlisted; 1198 Total [1196 MV]

Total Wounded Survivors: 15 Officers; 301 Enlisted; 316 Total

Casualties: “Dead” 4 Enlisted; 4 Total

Missing: 69 Officers [67 MV]; 809 Enlisted; 878 Total [876 MV] 

List I through IV have the wounded survivors marked with a “W”.  The known dead are marked “DEAD”.  All other personnel are therefore missing. 

Very respectfully, 

Lee B. Cottrell,

Lieutenant, USNR.

[end Document 2] 

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