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USS Wasmuth, Report of Pearl Harbor Attack


Serial 280.   


Pearl Harbor, T.H.,

December 12, 1941. 


From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Action report.  


  1. At 0757, December 7, 1941, first Japanese planes attacked. Went to general quarters at once and had all anti-aircraft machine guns in action within three minutes. As the ship was inside in a nest of four only the two after guns could bear on most approaching planes. Made all preparations for getting underway.


  2. During second phase of attack, commencing about 0925, glide bombers and torpedo planes approached from westerly direction. Engaged planes with all machine guns which could bear. Scored hits on several planes and shot down one plane which crashed on Waipio Peninsula near Middle Loch. This plane should be credited James Patrick Hannon, seaman first class, U.S. Navy.


  3. At 0932 Got underway following U.S.S. Trever on orders from Lieutenant Commander L.N. LeHARDY, U.S.N., Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Zane; and S.O.P., Mindiv 4. At 0937 Lieutenant J.W. LEVERTON, Jr., USN, Executive Officer, reported aboard and relieved Lieut.(jg) J.R. GREY, USN, who had been in command until this time. At 0940, Lieutenant Commander D.M. AGNEW, USN, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Trever reported aboard.


  4. Proceeded out of Pearl Harbor and took up patrol off entrance. At 1023 Dropped one depth charge on suspicious water, setting 200 feet, results negative. At 1036 Dropped second depth charge on suspicious water, setting 200 feet, bearing 217°T, distance 3.4 miles from Pearl Harbor entrance buoys. Brought up large quantities of oil, but no wreckage.


  5. At 1410 Rigged twin ship moored mine sweep with U.S.S. Zane, 400 fathoms of wire between ships, depressors at 5 fathoms, no floats. At 1547 Entered Pearl Harbor entrance channel and swept up channel to gate vessel, where wire parted. At 1620 Anchored off Coal Dock and retrieved sweep gear. At 1628 Underway. At 1635 The Captain returned aboard, Lieut. Comdr. D.M. AGNEW, USN left and joined Trever.


  6. Returned off harbor entrance and resumed patrol in company with Mindiv 4.


  7. All hands displayed cool, brave, and proper action at all times. No person had opportunity to distinguish himself, except the aforementioned Hannon, who shot down one enemy plane.


  8. The only injury incurred was by Ensign F.W. BAMPTON, USNR, Gunnery Officer, who received a slight wound on the right hand from a shell or bomb fragment when a plane was hit nearby and exploded in midair.


  9. The ship suffered no damage except cut rigging by machine gun fire.



Source: World War II action reports, Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740. 


Published: Fri Mar 16 09:44:34 EDT 2018