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USS Reid, Report of Pearl Harbor Attack



U.S.S. Reid (DD369)

December 12, 1941.


From: Commanding Officer.
To: Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Japanese Air Raid on Pearl Harbor, T.H., December 7, 1941.
Reference: (a) CinCPac (Conf) 102102 of December 1941.
  1. In compliance with reference (a), the below account is submitted regarding the subject air attack:
    1. Reid was in a nest with Conyngham, Tucker, Case and Selfridge, undergoing repairs alongside Whitney at berth X-Ray 8, Sunday, December 7, 1941. All machinery secured with various minor units disabled for repairs. At about 0755 observed unidentified planes attacking Ford Island. 0758 Went to General Quarters; set condition AFIRM. 0810 After Machine guns opened fire on dive and glide bombers attacking battleships and Ford Island at low altitude, it was observed that planes carried Japanese insignia. About 0820 after 5"/38 Cal. guns opened fire on high altitude horizontal and dive bombers that were making an attack on vessels at Ford Island and on vessels standing out of the channel. At about 0830, first group of enemy planes appeared in Northeast - Northwest sector of Pearl Harbor, these planes were taken under fire by forward 5"/38 Cal. guns and forward .50 cal. machine guns. Majority of these planes were attacking vessels to Southeast. One plane attacking this nest from Northeast was shot down. During the entire engagement there was sporadic strafing of nest; a few .30 cal. slugs were found on deck after the attack. Cease firing was sounded at about 0945 when all planes disappeared. No casualties and no damage sustained by ship; about 200 rounds 5"/38 Cal. and 5,000 rounds .50 Cal. ammunition were expended. Vessel got underway on 4 boilers at 1010, Captain Conning.
    2. Conduct of personnel was exemplary; all hands displayed magnificent courage and inspiring determination in fighting all weapons.


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    Source: Enclosure (E) to CINCPAC action report Serial 0479 of 15 February 1942, World War II action reports, Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740.


Published: Wed Feb 21 15:07:10 EST 2018