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USS Phoenix, Report of Pearl Harbor Attack



U.S.S. Phoenix

December 11, 1941.


From: The Commanding Officer.
To: Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Report of attack on Pearl Harbor -- December 7, 1941.
Enclosure: (A) Brief Narrative of Events.
  1. Enclosure (A) is forwarded as directed.
  2. No direct damage to enemy planes by this vessel can be definitely established. Three planes which were under fire of several ships including Phoenix were seen to crash.
  3. No damage was inflicted on this vessel by enemy fire. Number 3 – 6" gun was placed out of commission owing to swollen barrel.
  4. There were no individuals who were outstanding in the performance of duty.


Copies to:



Time marked with an asterix are fairly definite.




0755* First attacking planes sighted from signal bridge attacking from north of Ford Island. Plane had all guns firing, passed over stern of Raleigh and proceeded toward Ford Island Central Tower and dropped bomb.
0800 Bombing attack on battleships (Plane markings: varied "U.S.--", Swastika's and Rising Sun, painted on fuselage).
0806* Phoenix made radio signal to ships of sector four to "prepare to get underway".
0807* One plane burning in water at end of pipe line astern of berth F-8.
0810 Machine gun battery opened fire on attacking planes.
0815 AA Battery opened fire.
0845 Ship ready to get underway.
0900 Formation of 11 planes crossed over fleet on heading 070, high altitude. Approximately 10,000. Planes appeared to be painted silver. Expended approximately 50 rounds of 5". No apparent damage to planes.
0910 (Approx)

Second bombing attack on battleships. Expended approximately 60 rounds 5" ammunition.

After planes came out of dive and turned toward berth C-6 planes were brought under fire of machine gun battery.


Dive bombing attack on ships berthed northern side of Ford Island. Attack made at about 30° angle opposed with AA battery and machine gun battery. Expended about 20 rounds 5".

One plane was entirely disintegrated by DD fire.

0900-0930 Effected periodic fire on planes delivering low level bombing attack on Navy Yard and ships berthed there.
1010 Got underway, but returned to berth C-6 on receiving orders not to sortie.
1030 Got underway and started out of north channel, but received message from Tennessee "From Cincpac do not sortie". Turned around in channel and started back to berth C-6. On receipt of orders from Commander Cruisers, Battle Force proceeded via south channel and completed sortie and joined Commander Task Force One.


353 5"/50 Cal.
35 3"/25 Cal.
4500 50 Cal. Machine Gun.


Source: Enclosure (E) to CINCPAC action report Serial 0479 of 15 February 1942, World War II action reports, Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740.

Published: Wed Feb 21 11:15:28 EST 2018