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USS Sacramento, Report of Pearl Harbor Attack



U.S.S. Sacramento

Pearl Harbor, T.H.,

December 9, 1941


From: The Commanding Officer.
To: Commander Inshore Patrol
Subject: Air raid action on December 7, 1941; Report of.
Reference: (a) U.S. Navy Regulations 1920, Art. 712.
(b) Report of Lt-Comdr. F.F. Knachel, USNR, Executive Officer.
Enclosure: (A) Report of Lt-Comdr. F.F. Knachel, USNR, Executive Officer (omitted).
  1. In compliance with reference (a) the following account is submitted.
  2. At 0755, December 7, 1941, the U.S.S. Sacramento was moored port side to berth B-6, Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, U.S.S. Mugford and U.S.S. Jarvis moored alongside to starboard.
  3. At 0755 heavy explosives were heard and Japanese planes were seen to be bombing the Naval Air Station at Ford Island.
  4. At 0757 sounded general quarters. 0800 all stations manned and ready. 0802 Commenced anti-aircraft machine gun (.50 caliber) fire. Enemy torpedo planes attacked five nested battleships in berths F5, 6, and 7. The Oglala moored port side to the Helena at 1010 dock received a torpedo hit and sank. Sacramento AA machine gun fire aided in destroying an enemy plane crossing our stern distant about 200 yards. 0900 Nevada stood out. 0920 ML No. 1 was sent to the Oklahoma, which had capsized and returned with two survivors, LAWRENCE, Warrant Electrician, and McMAHON, R.J., CM2c., after landing about 25 others in a place of safety. A California motor boat was manned and aided in rescue work. The raid then continued with increased vigor and consisted of dive bombers and bombing and strafing planes. 0940 Explosion and fire on Nevada. Nevada stopped in channel. An enemy plane passing our port beam distant approximately 300 yards altitude 200 feet, was hit by the combined fire of this ship, Mugford and Bobolink, and burst into flames, crashing near the Naval Hospital. 1020 Jarvis stood out. Additional planes were seen strafing with machine gun fire together with several other formations, who were driven off by AA fire. At 1215 Mugford stood out after receiving 800 rounds of .50 caliber, 3000 rounds of .30 caliber ammunition and approximately 2000 pounds of fresh and dry provision from the Sacramento. One rescue breathing apparatus was delivered to the U.S.S. California and a fire extinguisher to an unidentified boat. The Medical Officer reported to the Naval Hospital to assist in care for the wounded, returning about 1630.
  5. The 4 inch battery was not used as sufficient elevation was not obtainable. The personnel from this battery was supplied with rifles, Browning automatic rifles, and Thompson submachine guns and stationed on the dock alongside the ship.
  6. Personnel Injuries: To obtain the magazine keys without delay, Lieutenant H.P. Michiels, USNR sustained lacerations to his right hand in smashing class cover. As a member of forward ammunition handling party, WARRENBURG, J.P. F1c., USNR, sustained crushed hand when he caught a full case of small arms ammunition which had slipped from slings and was falling back to the magazine. Being on berth deck, WARRENBURG's hand was caught between case and hatch coming in catching it.
  7. All gasoline stores, inflammable and excess burnable materials were transferred to the dock.
  8. Damages sustained -- none.
  9. Material casualties; Jams in both .50 caliber machine guns cleared by gunner's mates.
  10. Ammunition expended:
      1. 1950 rounds .50 cal. tracer
        4000 rounds .50 cal. armor piercing.
        2000 rounds .45 cal. Thompson sub-machine guns.
        5473 rounds .30 cal. armor piercing.
        2887 rounds .30 cal. tracer.
        3000 rounds .30 cal. ball.
  11. The Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander F. F. Knachel, USNR, was in command until my arrival at 1204. The officer and crew were cool and deliberate and the conduct of all exemplary.


    A. L. Warburton

    Source: Enclosure (E) to CINCPAC action report Serial 0479 of 15 February 1942, World War II action reports, Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740.


Published: Thu Feb 22 09:10:48 EST 2018