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Mochitsura Hashimoto, “Documents Related to I-58 Submarine between the Showa 19 and 20 Periods,” accession date 9 October 1958, reference code 04 Sensuikan 58, Military History Research Center, National Institute for Defense Studies, Tokyo, Japan, assisted by historian Kiyoshi Yamada.  The document, prepared shortly after the war, was processed into the archives in 1958. Document translated by Commander Daniel Fillion, USN, Special Assistant, Chairman’s Action Group. Documents provided by Dr. Jun Kimura, Tokai University.

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Sketch by I-58 Captain Mochitsura Hashimoto 

Hashimoto's Sketch of I-58 Attack on Indianapolis
Title: Battle diagram of I-58 Submarine 20th Year (Showa) July 29th The diagram has magnetic north, and then depicts the location of the moon to the east. The scale in the corner is in meters (says the scale is 50,000 to 1). The submarine appears to be heading 190 at time 2305 on the 29th when it views the ship at approx 10,000 meters off its starboard side. Apparent course and speed of the target is 260 at 11 knots. The submarine maneuvers into position 1500m off the starboard beam where it takes 6 shots at time 2332. The dotted line is the apparent location of where the ship was sunk. The submarine performed a starboard, then port, then starboard turn before settling out on course 045 at approximately 0030 on the 30th.
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