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Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters, to Bureau of Ordnance

          CABLEGRAM SENT October 16th 1918 Y-8

To Opnav, Washington ( Buord).              Serial No. 7134.

Prep. by M-4                      NCT

                                           43 ARD


7134. In accordance with conclusions Fifth Meeting Allied Naval Council first Mediterranean minelaying operation of U.S. Mine Force will be augment<ed> with Mark VI mines Otranto-Fano fixed mine net barrage. For this purpose following material required. 8000 Mine cases, complete.

           640 anchors, 160-foot

           640         240- ″

           640         320- ″

           300         400- ″

           500         900- ″

          1440        2700- ″

          3840        3600- ″ TOTAL 8000 anchors all types.


          3040 plummets, 45-foot cord

           640 plummets 125- ″

           640         205- ″

          3680         285- ″ TOTAL 8000 plummets all types.


          3040 antennae, 45-(#35) foot with D-6a floats.

          4960          70-foot with D-4 floats.

                              TOTAL 8000 antennae sets.

It is considered advisable not to carry more than 4500 mines in minelayers from bases 17 and 18 to Mediterranean.1 <For> this purpose there should be shipped bases 17 and 18, taking precedence over other shipments, above material except 1920 mines with 45-feet plummets 3600 feet mooring rope and 920 (#1920) mines with 285 feet plummets 3600 feet mooring rope. If Bureau is not successful in producing mine and mooring suitable for deep mining, this fixed mine net barrage will be augmented with Mark VI mines as far as practicable with present type Mark VI mine.

There are indications that Allied Naval Council at next meeting will probably adopt Brindisi Sas<s>eno Island line for Adriatic mine barrage. Material for this barrage should be furnished accordance my 6802,2 namely, total 22800 mines type specified. United States Mine Force will lay all Aegean barrage accordance conclusions Fifth Allied Naval Council, except part to be laid in Strait of Samos. Material required for Aegean barrage should be furnished accordance my 6802, namely, 26800 mines. After completing augmentation Otranto-Fano fixed mine net barrage Mine Force will proceed lay Adriatic mine barrage. If Bureau is unsuccessful developing mine and mooring suitable deep mining in time avoid delay operations, laying Aegean barrage will be proceeded with upon completion augmenting fixed mine net barrage. Request shipments material regulated accordingly. The 5600 mines in Commander Mine Force file 17 dash S August 263 were intended for first operation in <Brindisi Sasseno> barrage, shipment should be regulated accordingly depending upon progress of Bureau in developing successful deep mine. Impossible state definitely at present whether minelaying force will make one or two trips to Mediterranean with full load mines, this depends upon progress establishment base Bizerta. Will keep Department informed. 125516 7134


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B. There is a notation at the bottom of the first page: “#Corrected Oct. 31/C.M.F./J.E.S.”

Footnote 1: These bases were located at Invergordon and Inverness, Scotland, respectively.

Footnote 2: This document has not been found.

Footnote 3: This document has not been found.

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