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Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters to Queenstown Destroyer Force

Confidential and Not to be imparted to Officers or men until after sailing.

Vice Admiral Commanding


18th June, 1917.

Operation Order No. 2.


(a) Group I. Commander Hanrahan1

Cushing, Cassin, O’Brien, Conyngham, Ericsson, Jacob Jones

(b) Group II. Commander Taussig2

Wadsworth, Cummings, Winslow, Nicholson, Benham, Tucker

(c) Group III. Commander W.K. Wortman

Porter, Sampson, Jarvis, McDougal, Wainwright, Davis

     1. U.S. Troop Convoy sailed from New York 15 June, First Group with Seattle due to arrive 6 a.m. 23 June, Latitude 48.55, Longitude 24.20. Second Group with Birmingham, 4 p.m. 23 June, Latitude 48.10, Longitude 26.00. Third Group with Charleston 6 a.m. 25 June, Latitude 46.45, Longitude 23.55.

     2. These forces report to Convoy Group Commanders for escort duty to destination, recommending that escorting duty be performed in accordance with destroyer experience in war zone and latest knowledge of enemy methods and movements.

     3. Destroyer Groups are assigned to Convoy Groups of same number and will meet Convoys on line between first and second rendezvous as for to westward as possible. Sailing orders will be given later. Return to Queenstown at earliest moment after arrival convoys.

     4. Conserve oil to maximum as supplies in France are very low.

     5. Not known whether Convoys have British codes. Probably U.S.N. sig. codes should be used with ciphers.

Wm. S. Sims

Source Note: D, RNW, Joseph K. Taussig Papers, Mss. Coll. 97. Naval Historical Collection. A copy of this document was included as a part of Taussig’s diary entry for 20 June 1917.

Footnote 1: Cmdr. David C. Hanrahan.

Footnote 2: Cmdr. Joseph K. Taussig.

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