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Commodore Guy R. Gaunt, British Naval Attaché at Washington, to First Sea Lord Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe

                TELEGRAM.                                                        No.

From Washington                                                                                      DATE28.6.17

To Admy.                                                                                               Recd.11.30 pm


160. Admy.from Commodore Gaunt.

     Personal for 1st.S.L. Your 141. I am sure that U.S will fall in ?with any scheme. Admiral Benson is very anxious to help in every possible way.2 The point he made in conversation was if convoysare to be used what is use of fixing patrol?. Are we convoying for South America or from North America only?. I said I thought the cruiser was more to maintain discipline among convoy than for actual defense. Would you wire me for my private information very fully as to your wishes and proposals.3

Source Note: Cy, UK-KeNA, Adm. 137/656. Below close: “1st. S.L.”

Footnote 1: “P” designates the cipher code used for this message.

Footnote 2: Adm. William S. Benson, Chief of Naval Operations.

Footnote 3: For Jellicoe's response, see, Jellicoe to Gaunt, 30 June 1917, UK-KeNA, Adm. 137/656. 

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