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Vice Admiral Henry F. Oliver, Secretary of the Admiralty, to Vice Admiral Sir Montague E. Browning, Commander, North America and West Indies Station


No. 499.        

From                                                                                                       Date 16.6.17.


To V.A., N.A. & W.I.1


499. Regular convoy sailings at 4 day intervals are to commence on July 2nd from Hampton Roads.3 Cruisers should be detailed accordingly.4 The escorts for convoys due to leave July 14th, 18th, 26th August 3rd will be provided by Special Armed Merchant Trading Vessels now fitting out in U.K. Report by telegram the proposed programme of cruisers up to 30th July.



Source Note: Cy, UK-KeNA, Adm. 137/656

Footnote 1: Abbreviation of Browning’s Rank and title.

Footnote 2: Indicates the cypher used to send this cable.

Footnote 3: This convoy departed from Hampton Roads on 4 July 1917, and became a part of a network of allied convoys. By mid-July, convoys sailed regularly from Hampton Roads, New York City, and Sydney, Nova Scotia. The number of participating ports continued to expand throughout the war.

Footnote 4: The British viewed cruisers as necessary for keeping convoys together and protecting them from raiders. See: Sims to Daniels, 14 June 1917.