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Appendix 3

U.S. Navy Operations 1980–2010 by Region

Types of Operations: Peace Ops/Forward Presence, Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HADR), Freedom of Navigation (FON), Maritime Intercept Ops (MIO)1, Counter-Piracy, Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO), Show of Force, Contingent Positioning, Combat

Mediterranean (51)

Name/Dates Type Region/Countries
Israeli Invasion 1981 NEO Mediterranean/Lebanon/Israel
Al-Biqa Missiles I 1981 Show of Force Mediterranean/Israel/Syria
Sadat Assassination 1981 Contingent Mediterranean/Egypt
Yugoslav Unrest 1981 Contingent Mediterranean/Adriatic/Yugoslavia
Gulf of Sirte I (Sidra) 1981 FON Mediterranean/Libya
ELF Sentry 1982–83 Contingent Mediterranean/Egypt
Lebanon War 1982–84 Contingent Mediterranean/Lebanon/Israel
Early Call 1983 Show of Force Mediterranean/Egypt/Libya
Marine Barracks Bombing 1983 Combat Mediterranean/Lebanon
Syria Attack 1984 Combat Mediterranean/Lebanon
Lebanon Withdrawal 1984 Combat Mediterranean/Lebanon
Intense Look 1984 Show of Force Red Sea/Gulf of Aqaba/Libya
Embassy Show of Force 1985 Show of Force Mediterranean/Lebanon
Lebanon Hostages 1986 Contingent Mediterranean/Lebanon
Display Determination 1986 Contingent Mediterranean/Turkey
Egypt Air Hijacking 1986 Contingent Mediterranean/Morocco
TWA 847 Hijacking 1986 Contingent Mediterranean/Lebanon
Achille Lauro Rescue 1986 Combat Mediterranean/Italy
Gulf of Sirte II (Sidra) 1986 FON Mediterranean/Libya
El Dorado Canyon 1986 Combat Mediterranean/Libya
Lebanon Hostages 1987 Contingent Mediterranean/Lebanon
Pakistan Air Hijacking 1987 Contingent Mediterranean/Cyprus
Hot Rock 2010–11 HADR Mediterranean/Sicily
Sharp Guard/Decisive Enhancement 1992–98 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Sharp Vigilance 1992 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Maritime Guard 1992–93 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Deny Flight 1993–95 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Provide Promise 1994 Contingent Mediterranean/Balkans
Joint Endeavor 1996 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Decisive Edge 1996 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Deliberate Force 1996 Combat Mediterranean/Balkans


Deliberate Guard 1996–97 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Joint Guard 1996–98 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Joint Forge 1997–2001 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Deliberate Forge 1997–98 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Greece/Turkey Tension 1995 Show of Force Mediterranean
Silver Wake 1997 NEO Mediterranean/Albania
Silver Knight 1998 NEO Mediterranean/Albania
Determined Falcon 1998 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Deliberate Guard 1998 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Balkan Calm 1998 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Bakans
Noble Anvil 1999 Combat Mediterranean/Balkans
Shining Hope 1999 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Allied Force 1999 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Joint Guardian 1999 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Balkan Calm II 1999 NEO Mediterranean/Balkans
Noble Safeguard 1999 Show of Force Mediterranean/Israel
Avid Response 1999 HADR Mediterranean/Turkey
Dynamic Response 2002–2003 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Lebanon War II 2006 NEO Mediterranean/Lebanon/Israel

    Arabian Gulf (32)          

Desert One 1980 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iran
Iran-Iraq War 1981–82 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq/Iran
Iran-Iraq War 1984 Show of Force Arabian Gulf
Basra-Kharg Island Crisis 1984 Show of Force Arabian Gulf
Ship Escorts 1984–86 Show of Force Arabian Gulf
Saudi Hijacking 1985 Contingent Arabian Gulf
Nimble Archer 1987 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iran
USS Stark 1987 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Earnest Will 1987–88 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq/Iran
Pneumatic Hammer 1987–88 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq/Iran/Kuwait
Praying Mantis 1988 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iran
USS Samuel B. Roberts 1988 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iran
Desert Shield 1990–91 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Candid Hammer 1990–91 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Storm 1991 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Provide Comfort 1991–97 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Iraq MIO 1991–2000 MIO Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Iraq Nuclear Facility Strike 1992 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Southern Watch 1992–2000 Peace Ops/ MIO/Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Iraq TLAM Strikes 1993 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Vigilant Warrior 1994–95 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Kuwait


Vigilant Sentinel 1995–96 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Strike 1996–97 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Northern Watch 1997–2001 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Thunder 1997–1998 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Fox 1998 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Viper 1999 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Pegasus Venture 2002 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Iraqi Freedom 2003–10 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Sea Horse 2005 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
New Dawn 2010–11 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq

Africa (27)

Chad 1983 Peace Ops Africa/Chad/Libya
Sharp Edge 1990–91 NEO Africa/Liberia
Eastern Exit 1991 NEO Africa/Somalia
Impressive Lift 1992 Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
Continued Hope 1993–95 Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
Show Care Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
More Care Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
Quick Draw Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
Distant Runner 1994 NEO Africa/Liberia
Support Hope 1994 HADR Africa/Somalia
USLO Withdrawal 1994 NEO Africa/Somalia
Restore Hope 1993 HADR Africa/Somalia
United Shield 1995 NEO Africa/Somalia
Assured Response 1996 NEO Africa/Liberia
Quick Response 1996 NEO Africa/Monrovia
Guardian Retrieval 1997 NEO Africa/Zaire
Noble Obelisk 1997 NEO Africa/Sierra Leone
Autumn Shelter 1998 NEO Africa/Zaire
Shadow Express 1998 NEO Africa/Liberia
Safe Departure 1998 NEO Africa/Ethiopia/Iritrea
Infinite Reach 1998 Combat Africa/Sudan/Afghanistan
Resolute Response 1998 NEO Africa/Kenya
Safe Departure 1998 NEO Africa/Eritrea
Eritrea NEO 1999 NEO Africa/Eritrea
Shadow Express 1999 NEO Africa/Liberia
Sheltering Sky 2003 NEO Africa/Liberia
Shining Express 2003 Contingent/ NEO Africa/Liberia

Western Hemisphere (18)


Surveillance Ops 1981 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Nicaragua
Urgent Fury 1983 Combat Western Hemisphere/Grenada
Seaward Explorer Rescue 1984 Contingent Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Jittery Prop 1988 Contingent Western Hemisphere/El Salvador/ Nicaragua
Golden Pheasant 1988 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Honduras
Nimrod Dancer 1988–89 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Panama
Valiant Boom 1988 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Panama
Just Cause 1989–90 Combat Western Hemisphere/Panama
Victor Squared 1991 NEO Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Support Democracy 1993–94 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Able Vigil 1994 MIO Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Uphold Democracy 1994–95 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Maintain Democracy 1995 Peace Ops Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Sea Signal JTF 1994–96 MIO Western Hemisphere /Cuba/Haiti
Sentinel Safeguard 1996 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Operation Monitor 1997 Contingent Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Passive Oversight 1997 Contingent Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Unified Response 2010 HADR Western Hemisphere/Haiti

Pacific (14)

KAL007 1983 Show of Force Pacific/Soviet Union/South Korea
Classic Resolve 1989 Show of Force Pacific/Philippines
Korea/Nuclear Tensions 1993–94 Show of Force Pacific/Koreas/Japan
Nuclear Reactor Negotiations 1995 Contingent Pacific/Koreas
Taiwan Flexible Deterrent 1996 Show of Force Pacific/China (PRC)/Taiwan
Bevel Edge 1997 Show of Force Pacific/Cambodia
Bevel Incline 1998 NEO Pacific/Indonesia
East Timor Stabilize 1999–2001 HADR Pacific/Indonesia
EP3 Incident (PRC) 2001 FON Pacific/China (PRC)
Bold Samaritan 2000–2002 HADR Pacific/Indonesia/East Timor
North Korea Nuclear Crisis 2003 Show of Force Pacific/Koreas/Japan
Unified Assistance 2004–2005 HADR Pacific/Thailand/Indonesia
Goodwill-Kaibigan 2007 HADR Pacific/Philippines
Caring Response 2008 HADR Pacific/Samoa/Tonga/Solomon Islands/ Kiribati/Marshall Islands

Indian Ocean (6)


Yemen Civil War 1986 NEO Indian Ocean/Yemen
Maldives Coup 1989 Contingent Indian Ocean/Maldives
Determined Response 2000 NEO Indian Ocean/Yemen
Ocean Shield 2008– Counter-Piracy Indian Ocean/Gulf of Aden
Allied Protector 2009– Counter-Piracy Indian Ocean/Gulf of Aden
Maersk Alabama 2009 Counter-Piracy Indian Ocean/Gulf of Aden

Southwest Asia (4)

Sea Angel 1990 HADR SW Asia/Bangladesh
Silent Assurance 1997–98 Combat SW Asia/Afghanistan
Enduring Freedom 2001–14 Contingent/ Combat SW Asia/Afghanistan
Sea Angel II 2007 HADR SW Asia/Bangladesh

United States (3)

Hurricane Hugo 1989 HADR U.S. East Coast
JTF Katrina 2005 HADR U.S. Gulf Coast
BP Oil Spill 2010 HADR U.S. Gulf Coast

Europe (2)

Creek Sentry 1980–81 Show of Force Europe/Baltic/Poland
Assured Delivery 2008 Show of Force Russia/Georgia

Red Sea (1)

Intense Look 1984 Show of Force Red Sea/Gulf of Aqaba/Libya

Sources: See Appendix 1



1 MIO also included vessel boarding, search and seizure (VBSS) ops.



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