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Appendix 2

U.S. Navy Operations 1980–2010: Types of Operations

Types of Operations: Peace Ops/Forward Presence, Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HADR), Freedom of Navigation (FON), Maritime Intercept Ops (MIO)1, Counter-Piracy, Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO), Show of Force, Contingent Positioning, Combat

Peace Operations (15)

Name/Dates Type Region/Countries
Chad 1983 Peace Ops Africa/Chad/Libya
Impressive Lift 1992 Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
Southern Watch 1992–2000 Peace Ops/MIO/ Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Joint Endeavor 1996 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Joint Guard 1996–98 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Continued Hope 1993–95 Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
Show Care Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
More Care Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
Quick Draw Peace Ops Africa/Somalia
Maintain Democracy 1995 Peace Ops Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Balkan Calm 1998 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Shining Hope 1999 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Allied Force 1999 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Joint Guardian 1999 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans
Dynamic Response 2002–2003 Peace Ops Mediterranean/Balkans

Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (15)

Hurricane Hugo 1989 HADR U.S. East Coast
Sea Angel 1990 HADR SW Asia/Bangladesh
Restore Hope 1993 HADR Africa/Somalia
Support Hope 1994 HADR Africa/Somalia
Avid Response 1999 HADR Mediterranean/Turkey
East Timor Stabilize 1999–2001 HADR Pacific/Indonesia
Bold Samaritan 2000–2002 HADR Pacific/Indonesia/East Timor
Unified Assistance 2004–2005 HADR Pacific/Thailand/Indonesia
JTF Katrina 2005 HADR U.S. Gulf Coast
Goodwill-Kaibigan 2007 HADR Pacific/Philippines
Sea Angle II 2007 HADR SW Asia/Bangladesh
Caring Response 2008 HADR Pacific/Samoa/Tonga/Solomon Islands/ Kiribati/Marshall Islands


BP Oil Spill 2010 HADR U.S. Gulf Coast
Unified Response 2010 HADR Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Hot Rock 2010–11 HADR Mediterranean/Sicily

Freedom of Navigation (3)

Gulf of Sirte I 1981 FON Mediterranean/Libya
Gulf of Sirte II 1986 FON Mediterranean/Libya
EP3 Incident (PRC) 2001 FON Pacific/China (PRC)

Maritime Interception (3)

Iraq MIO 1991–2000 MIO Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Able Vigil 1994 MIO Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Sea Signal JTF 1994–96 MIO Western Hemisphere /Cuba/Haiti

  Counter-Piracy (3)  

Ocean Shield 2008– Counter-Piracy Indian Ocean/Gulf of Aden
Allied Protector 2009– Counter-Piracy Indian Ocean/Gulf of Aden
Maersk Alabama 2009 Counter-Piracy Indian Ocean/Gulf of Aden

Noncombatant Evacuation (26)

Israeli Invasion 1981 NEO Mediterranean/Lebanon/Israel
Yemen Civil War 1986 NEO Indian Ocean/Yemen
Sharp Edge 1990–91 NEO Africa/Liberia
Eastern Exit 1991 NEO Africa/Somalia
Victor Squared 1991 NEO Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Distant Runner 1994 NEO Africa/Liberia
USLO Withdrawal 1994 NEO Africa/Somalia
United Shield 1995 NEO Africa/Somalia
Assured Response 1996 NEO Africa/Liberia
Quick Response 1996 NEO Africa/Monrovia
Silver Wake 1997 NEO Mediterranean/Albania
Guardian Retrieval 1997 NEO Africa/Zaire
Noble Obelisk 1997 NEO Africa/Sierra Leone
Bevel Incline 1998 NEO Pacific/Indonesia
Autumn Shelter 1998 NEO Africa/Zaire
Shadow Express 1998 NEO Africa/Liberia
Safe Departure 1998 NEO Africa/Ethiopia/Eritrea
Silver Knight 1998 NEO Mediterranean/Albania
Resolute Response 1998 NEO Africa/Kenya
Safe Departure 1998 NEO Africa/Eritrea


Eritrea NEO 1999 NEO Africa/Eritrea
Shadow Express 1999 NEO Africa/Liberia
Balkan Calm II 1999 NEO Mediterranean/Balkans
Determined Response 2000 NEO Indian Ocean/Yemen
Sheltering Sky 2003 NEO Africa/Liberia
Lebanon War II 2006 NEO Mediterranean/Lebanon/Israel

Show of Force (49)

Creek Sentry 1980–81 Show of Force Europe/Baltic/Poland
Iran-Iraq War 1981–82 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq/Iran
Al-Biqa Missiles I 1981 Show of Force Mediterranean/Israel/Syria
Surveillance Ops 1981 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Nicaragua
Early Call 1983 Show of Force Mediterranean/Egypt/Libya
KAL007 1983 Show of Force Pacific/Soviet Union/S.Korea
Iran-Iraq War 1984 Show of Force Arabian Gulf
Basra-Kharg Island Crisis 1984 Show of Force Arabian Gulf
Intense Look 1984 Show of Force Red Sea/Gulf of Aqaba/Libya
Ship Escorts 1984–86 Show of Force Arabian Gulf
Embassy Show of Force 1985 Show of Force Mediterranean/Lebanon
Earnest Will 1987–88 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq/Iran
Pneumatic Hammer 1987–88 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq/Iran/Kuwait
Golden Pheasant 1988 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Honduras
Nimrod Dancer 1988–89 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Panama
Valiant Boom 1988 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Panama
Classic Resolve 1989 Show of Force Pacific/Philippines
Desert Shield 1990–91 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Candid Hammer 1990–91 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Storm 1991 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Provide Comfort 1991–97 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Sharp Guard/Decisive Enhancement 1992–98 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Sharp Vigilance 1992 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Maritime Guard 1992–93 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Deny Flight 1993–95 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Decisive Edge 1996 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Deliberate Guard 1996–97 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Joint Forge 1997–2001 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Deliberate Forge 1997–98 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Korea/Nuclear Tensions 1993–94 Show of Force Pacific/Koreas/Japan
Support Democracy 1993–94 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Vigilant Warrior 1994–95 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Kuwait
Uphold Democracy 1994–95 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Haiti
Greece/Turkey Tension 1995 Show of Force Mediterranean


Vigilant Sentinel 1995–96 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Sentinel Safeguard 1996 Show of Force Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Taiwan Flexible Deterrent 1996 Show of Force Pacific/China (PRC)/Taiwan
Bevel Edge 1997 Show of Force Pacific/Cambodia
Northern Watch 1997–2001 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Thunder 1997–98 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Fox 1998 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Determined Falcon 1998 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Deliberate Guard 1998 Show of Force Mediterranean/Balkans
Desert Viper 1999 Show of Force Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Noble Safeguard 1999 Show of Force Mediterranean/Israel
North Korea Nuclear Crisis 2003 Show of Force Pacific/Koreas/Japan
Assured Delivery 2008 Show of Force Russia/Georgia

Contingent Positioning (20)

Sadat Assassination 1981 Contingent Mediterranean/Egypt
Yugoslav Unrest 1981 Contingent Mediterranean/Adriatic/Yugoslavia
ELF Sentry 1982–83 Contingent Mediterranean/Egypt
Lebanon War 1982–84 Contingent Mediterranean/Lebanon/Israel
Seaward Explorer Rescue 1984 Contingent Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Saudi Hijacking 1985 Contingent Arabian Gulf
Lebanon Hostages 1986 Contingent Mediterranean/Lebanon
Display Determination 1986 Contingent Mediterranean/Turkey
Egypt Air Hijacking 1986 Contingent Mediterranean/Morocco
TWA 847 Hijacking 1986 Contingent Mediterranean/Lebanon
Lebanon Hostages 1987 Contingent Mediterranean/Lebanon
Pakistan Air Hijacking 1987 Contingent Mediterranean/Cyprus
Jittery Prop 1988 Contingent Western Hemisphere/El Salvador/ Nicaragua
Maldives Coup 1989 Contingent Indian Ocean/Maldives
Provide Promise 1994 Contingent Mediterranean/Balkans
Nuclear Reactor Negotiations 1995 Contingent Pacific/Koreas
Operation Monitor 1997 Contingent Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Passive Oversight 1997 Contingent Western Hemisphere/Cuba
Enduring Freedom 2001–14 Contingent/ Combat SW Asia/Afghanistan
Shining Express 2003 Contingent/ NEO Africa/Liberia

Combat (24)

Desert One 1980 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iran


Marine Barracks Bombing 1983 Combat Mediterranean/Lebanon
Urgent Fury 1983 Combat Western Hemisphere/Grenada
Syria Attack 1984 Combat Mediterranean/Lebanon
Lebanon Withdrawal 1984 Combat Mediterranean/Lebanon
Achille Lauro Rescue 1986 Combat Mediterranean/Italy
El Dorado Canyon 1986 Combat Mediterranean/Libya
Nimble Archer 1987 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iran
USS Stark 1987 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Praying Mantis 1988 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iran
USS Samuel B. Roberts 1988 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iran
Just Cause 1989–1990 Combat Western Hemisphere/Panama
Desert Storm 1991 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Iraq Nuclear Facility Strike 1992 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Deliberate Force 1996 Combat Mediterranean/Balkans
Iraq TLAM Strikes 1993 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Desert Strike 1996–97 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Infinite Reach 1998 Combat Africa/Sudan/Afghanistan
Desert Fox 1998 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Noble Anvil 1999 Combat Mediterranean/Balkans
Pegasus Venture 2002 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Iraqi Freedom 2003–10 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
Sea Horse 2005 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq
New Dawn 2010–11 Combat Arabian Gulf/Iraq

Sources: See Appendix 1



1 MIO includes vessel board, search and seizure ops.



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