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Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters, to Anne Hitchcock Sims




September 26, 1917

My darling Nani:

. . . .Tomorrow I am off with the C-in-C1 to Queenstown. We arrive about noon on the 28th, and he will leave the next evening for Liverpool where he will sail for home.2 I will remain at Queenstown for a few days. Old man Cone3 is expected tomorrow He will remain in England 10 days or two weeks seeing all the flying men and stations and then go on to France. I will see him before he goes, and will see him after, of course. His job is a very big one, and he is just the man for it.4 I am very glad to have him. I have much confidence in his judgment. I wish I had some more of the same type as old Hutch and Twining and Babby.5 I am thankful to have them.

Lieut Comdr Long6 is also one of my “stand bys.” He has the very responsibility of handling the convoys-though the whole responsibility is of course mine.

     It is perhaps a singular thing, but it is a fact that the responsibility brings no strain at all on me. I do not worry in the least about the safety of the convoys, and I feel no anxiety about them. Of course I make all the arrangements possible with the forces we have to make them as safe as possible, and then dismiss them from my mind. I assume this is a matter of temperament and disposition. If I lost sleep and appetite worrying about the safety of transports, I could not hold down the job.

     So, be sure you do not worry about me. . . .

Your devoted


Source Note: ALS, DLC-MSS, William Sims Papers, Box 7. Document is on the stationary of the “Embassy of the United States of America.”

Footnote 1: Adm. Henry T. Mayo, Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet.

Footnote 2: On Mayo’s departure, see: Sims to Sims, 27 September 1917.

Footnote 3: Capt. Hutchison I. Cone was assigned to Sims’ staff and later became the head of his aviation section.

Footnote 4: For more on Cone’s assignment and duties, see: Sims to Opnav, 21 August 1917.

Footnote 5: Cmdr. John V. Babcock, one of Sims' aides.

Footnote 6: Cmdr. Byron A. Long, in charge of the Convoys Section of Sims' staff.

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