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Lieutenant John C. Latham, Communication Superintendent, Third Naval District, to Captain Roger T. Welles, Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence

-Confidential-                          September 19. 1917.

From:     Aid[e] for Information, Third Naval District.

To:       Director of Naval Intelligence.

Subject:  Enemy submarine activities.

     1.   The following information relative to submarine attack on Allied shipping has been obtained by this office from Captain E. Ellis, master of the British SS. Linmore:

     On August 26th while in convoy of British ships submarines twice attacked this convoy about seventy miles northwest of Tory Island.1 No submarines were sighted, but the wakes of torpedoes were seen. One vessel was struck, the SS. ASSYRIA, but she did not sink and it is believed she reached port safely. This is not certain, however, as the convoy broke up and the vessels made for the nearest port. At the time there were no British war vessels escorting the convoy.

     2.   The brevity of this report is due to the fact that Captain Ellis sailed before he could be interviewed and the information contained herein is taken from his writtenreport to the Guard Ship at the entrance to New York Harbor.


Jn. C. Latham.

Source Note: TLS, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517, Box 9. Document reference: “C-/LK-Jr-B.” Document is on: “Navy Department/United States Naval Communication Service/office of/District Communication Superintendent/Third Naval District/Navy Yard, New York, N.Y.,” stationary.

Footnote 1: Tory Island is off the coast of Ireland.

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