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British Ambassador to the United States Sir Cecil A. Spring Rice to British Foreign Office



Decypher.  Sir C. Spring Rice (Washington).

                    April 25th.1917.

     R. 3.0.p.m. April 27th.1917.

No. 1125.

-   - - - -

               Your telegram No. 1010.

     I think Admiralty should know that Admiral Browning’s visit here was a great success.1 He succeeded by his unfailing tact and courtesy in establishing most cordial and satisfactory relations with United States Naval authorities, some of whom had previously reputation of being pronouncedly anti-British.2 He was received with exceptional cordiality by Secretary of Navy3 and chief officials of State Department.

Source Note: C, UK-KeNA, Adm. 137/1426.

Footnote 1: For more on the visit, see: Montague E. Browning to British Admiralty, 13 April 1917.

Footnote 2: Spring Rice was probably referring to Adm. William S. Benson, Chief of Naval Operations.

Footnote 3: Josephus Daniels.

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