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All Navy Radiogram Concerning Recognition Signals


4 DN GH 35 Govt Fm Dn Washington Dc 20 Hp

     Via New Orleans, La.

Naval Radio Pensacola:-

24 Alnav – To ships and stations with following code: The Secretary of War1 has issued orders to forts to consider hostile any entering men-of-war not showing recognition signal.2 These will be used always hereafter. Acknowledge  00021


12 mid.

Source Note: C, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517. Someone has handwritten “Radiogram” and “April 21, 1917” on this message.

Footnote 1: Newton D. Baker.

Footnote 2: The U.S. Army was in charge of the nation’s coastal fortifications.

Footnote 3: That is, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.