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Civil Service Casualties

Finding of Facts, Opinion and Recommendations, continued..

[12. PERSONAL INJURIES: continued]

c. Personal Injuries to Civilians:

(1) That the name, address, and occupation, if any, of each civilian injured as result of said explosions, and the nature and extent of the injury or injuries suffered by each, if known, are, as follows:

Severely Injured -- At least partial disability expected

(1) COTTRELL, Alfred F.; Route 2, Box 454, Concord, California; Electrician; Multiple lacerations of face; compound fracture left ulna; left eye removed

(2) JOHNSON, John F.; Vine Hill, Arthur Rd., Box 124, Martinez, California; Helper, General; Tenderness left hip and pelvis; abrasion right leg and left arm; fracture of body of left ilium

(3) JONES, Aaron D.; 303 Hillside Avenue, Port Chicago, California; Rigger; Multiple lacerations; Contused wound of back; Depressed fracture of tip of nasal bone.

(4) MEYERS, James A.; Route 3, Box 293; Concord, California; Brakeman; Fracture, compound right humerus

(5) WILEY, Calvert F.; 125 Park Avenue, Port Chicago, California; Joiner; Sever shock; Comm[...]ted fracture and maceration of left arm; laceration of scalp; maceration of left side and neck

(6) BAACK, Myron C.; 2524 Pacific Street, P.O. Box 929, Concord, Calif.; Snapper Electrician; Lower back and right foot

(7) DARNELL, Stacey M.; 409-B Poplar Avenue, Port Chicago, California; Auto Mechanic; Contusions to right ear and head; contusion left elbow

(8) HARRIS, Frank E.; 202 Norman Street, Clyde, California; Joiner; Bruise on head and shock

(9) HAWKINS, Sam H.; 224 Poplar Street, Port Chicago, California; Engineman H&P; Back strain and shock

(10) HIGGS, Elmon M.; 320 Wellington Ave., Clyde, California; Joiner; Abrasion &contusion of right arm; slight puncture wounds; nervous shock

(11) HOLLETT, Vearl L.; 217 Wellington, Clyde, California; Machine Operation; Back -- strain

(12) LOZANO, Frank D.; 771 E. Street, Pittsburg, California; Machine Operator; Puncture wound left foot; nervous shock

(13) NEVILLS, Clarence; 220 8th Street, Antioch, California; Machine Operator; Nervous shock; abrasion nose and right elbow; cut chin; bruise right knee

(14) PARKER, Gerald; Port Chicago, California; Rigger, Min.; Generalized body soreness; nervousness

(15) PETERS, Frank H.; 2019 Fir Street, Concord, California; Brakeman; Psychoneurosis; hysteria; back strain

(16) ROBBINS, Percy F.; P.O. Box 219, Port Chicago, California; Welder; Contusions of scalp; lacerations on both thumbs

(17) SCHOENING, Robert K.; Route 3, Box 184, Concord, California; Machinist; Nervous shock

(18) SCHOENING, Russell H.; Route 3, Box 184, Concord, California; Machinist; Nervous shock

(19) STRICKLING, Ralph C.; Route 1, Box 900, Pittsburg, California; Auto Mechanic; Back injuries; laceration of right shoulder; bruised neck; shock

(20) TURNER, Russell L., 307 East Lind Street, Port Chicago, California; Brakeman; Contusions both knees; strain neck and shoulders

(21) WHITE, Alonso T.; Route 3, Box 407, House #38 Avon Acres, Concord, Calif.; Rigger; Nervous shock and dazed

(22) WILLIAMS, Olando; 544 West 1st Street, Pittsburg, California; Helper, General; Wounds, lacerated above right eye

No permanent disability expected

(1) JORDAN, Harrison E.; General Delivery, Benicia, California; Carpenter's Helper; Extreme shock -- contusions and lacerations of head and body

(2) MINI, Rita W.; West "K" Street, Post Office Box 458, Benicia, Calif.; Clerk in Stock, Central Division; Puncture wound from flying glass in back below right shoulder -- sever shock

(3) SIBLEY, Mary Grace; 32 Sample Way, Benicia, California; Helper Mechanic; Lacerations about the head, neck and back; serious injury to right foot and ankle.


Published: Mon Feb 29 11:49:54 EST 2016