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Vessels Captured by USS Constitution

Based on Research Compiled by Commander Tyrone G. Martin, (USN, Ret.) 58th in Command, USS Constitution

USS Constitution began her warship career on July 22, 1798, when she sailed to the Caribbean during the Quasi-War with France. Fifty-seven years later, her active career ended in 1855, when she returned home from having been the flagship of the African Squadron. Constitution was one of the most successful U.S. Navy warships; she captured 33 vessels during her long and distinguished career.

September 8    Niger (24 guns)    British privateer

January 16    Spencer    French prize; former British vessel
March 27    Neutrality    French prize; former American vessel
April 3    Carteret    French prize; former British packet vessel
September 15    Amelia    French prize; former Hamburg vessel

February 1    Swift    Trafficker, American schooner
May 8    Ester (3 guns)    French privateer (later returned as it had been captured in a neutral port)
May 8    Nymph    French prize; former American vessel
May 9    Sally    Trafficker, American vessel
May 10    Sandwich (6 guns)    French letter-of-marque vessel

September 11    _________    Blockade runner, armed Ottoman poleacre
September 11    _________    Blockade runner, armed Ottoman poleacre

April 24    _________ (8 guns)    Privateer, Tunisian xebec
April 24    _________    Tunisian prize; former Neapolitan vessel
April 24    _________    Tunisian prize; former Neapolitan vessel

May    Golconda    Trafficker, American vessel
May    Rose    Trafficker, American vessel

August 10    Lady Warren    British brig
August 11    Adiona    British brig
August 15    Adelina    British prize; former American vessel
August 15 _________    British brig; burned
August 19    HMS Guerriere (38 guns)    Royal Navy frigate; former French Navy; destroyed
November 9    South Carolina    British-licensed American brig (capture later considered illegal)
December 29    HMS Java (38 guns)    Royal Navy frigate; former French Navy, La Renomee; destroyed

February 14    Lovely Ann    British armed merchant ship; used as cartel
February 14    HMS Pictou (14 guns)    Royal Navy schooner; destroyed
February 17    Phoenix    British schooner; destroyed
February 19    Catherine    British brig; destroyed
December 24    Lord Nelson    British brig; destroyed

February 18    Susanna    British vessel
February 20    HMS Cyane (34 guns)    Royal Navy frigate
                     HMS Levant (18 guns)   Royal Navy corvette (recaptured by the British)

November 3    H.N. Gambrill    American slave vessel

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