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Rear Admiral Samuel McGowan, Paymaster General, Intra-Bureau Order 217

Intra-Bureau Order 217


 (Bureau of Supplies and Accounts)

Washington, D.C.

30 August 1917

     1. In view of the terrific strain to which everybody here has been subjected for many weeks and bearing in mind especially the fact that many of the workers in Sanda1 have done so much voluntary overtime work, I am anxious that they should all have a brief breathing spell if possible.

     2. I accordingly request that each head of division and every section chief make a careful comparison today of the working force and the work to be done between now and Saturday afternoon and excuse from duty Saturday everyone who can be spared without serious detriment to the work in hand – those who are thus excused being able to go away (or, at least, to stay away from the shop) continuously from Friday evening till Tuesday forenoon.

     3. In deciding upon who may go and who shall stay, please remember, first, those who have been here uninterruptedly and, second those whose temporary absence has been necessitated by physical exhaustion due to hours and hours of over-exertion; but please let everybody go that possibly can.


Source Note: TDS, DLC-MSS, Samuel McGowan Papers, Box 4.

Footnote 1: That is Bureau of Supplies and Accounts.

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