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NHF-035 Admiral Harry E. Yarnell Collection

This collection consists of photos related to the career of Admiral Harry E. Yarnell, USN, and were donated by his sister-in-law, Miss Ruth Thomas. Yarnell served in the Navy from 1899-1944. Collection is primarily portraits of Yarnell, with many portraits of friends/family. There is some imagery of ships, particularly USS Saratoga (CV-3). Many photos have been assigned NH numbers. Biography and 4 certificates transferred to Yarnell Papers, NHHC Operational Archives.
Title: Admiral Harry E. Yarnell Collection
Caption: Collection photo# NHF-035-B.01: Commissioing ceremony for USS Saratoga (CV-3) 16 November 1927, Captain Harry E. Yarnell, Commanding Officer. Also seen are C.L. Bardo, Rear Admiral J.L. Latimer, Captain W.K. Riddle, and Commander W.L. Beck.
Description: This collection consists of photos related to the career of Admiral Harry E. Yarnell, USN, and were donated by his sister-in-law, Miss Ruth Thomas. Yarnell served in the Navy from 1899-1944. Collection is primarily portraits of Yarnell, with many portraits of friends/family. There is some imagery of ships, particularly USS Saratoga (CV-3). Many photos have been assigned NH numbers. Biography and 4 certificates transferred to Yarnell Papers, NHHC Operational Archives.
Accession #: NHF
Catalog #: NHF-035
Donor: Naval Historical Foundation
Copyright Owner: Naval History and Heritage Command
After this Year: 1874
Before this Year: 1960
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Yarnell as Lieutenant Commander, commanding USS NASHVILE (PG-7), on duty on the East Coast of Mexico, at TAMPICO, c. 1916.
37 images, including shipboard life on USS Nashville (Target practice; Ship’s Orchestra; Mascot (a young wild cat); target raft; 4’’ guns, etc.) Sightseeing; everyday life in Tampico; Mexican guards; Also: views of Tampico, Mexico, in 1916; also Tuxpan Reef.
Ships: ANTONINA (German Merchantman interned by Mexico during WWI), also BREMEN (German Light Cruiser) and USS DES MOINES (C-15).
Personnel: USS Nashville crew and officers; Lieutenant Commander Yarnell; Mr. MURDY (U.S. Standard Oil representative in Tampico).



Yarnell’s career from about 1927 to 1936 (from CO of USS SARATOGA [CV-3] thru Commandant, 14th Naval District).
10 images, including Ceremonies at the delivery of Saratoga to the Navy on 16 November 1927; USS Saratoga with a replica of HMS VICTORY in foreground; Yarnell, officers and officers’ wives aboard USS Saratoga; Yarnell with various high-ranking officers in the U.S. Fleet, c. 1935; Yarnell with his staff as Commander, Aircraft, Battle Force, c. 1932; and two views taken at PEARL HARBOR, T.H., in 1935.
Personnel: Admiral H. LANING, USN; Postmaster General J.A. FARLEY; Captain and Mrs. John TOWERS; Lieutenant and Mrs. RODD; Captain and Mrs. HORNBERGER; Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. DAVISON; Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. SHERMAN; Lieutenant and Mrs. LONQUIST; Lieutenant and Mrs. STORRS; Lieutenant and Mrs. RADFORD; Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. MILES; Rear Admiral PRINGLE; Rear Admiral McNAMEE; Admiral SELLERS; Rear Admiral KALBFUS; Rear Admiral TAUSSIG; Admiral REEVES, etc.



Yarnell as Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Asiatic Fleet, 30 October 1936-25 July 1939. (CinCAF)
76 photographs taken during this period show Yarnell with various USN and USMC personnel, at parties given in his honor, receptions, etc.
NHF-035-C-1: Social events, 21 images
George Washington’s Birthday Party, 22 February 1938 at the Columbia Country Club, SHANGHAI, China; George Washington’s Birthday Party, 22 February, 1939, Shanghai; Baron Beck-Friis’s Birthday party of King Gustav;
Polish-Russian Soiree at French Club, Shanghai, 25 April, 1938.
Personnel: Captain and Mrs. W.A. ANGWIN, USN (MC); Colonel and Mrs. H.L. PARSONS, USMC; Mrs. Riley F. McCONNELL; Mrs. Yarnell; U.S. Consul-General Clarence GAUSS; Colonel J. FEGAN, USMC (C.O. 4th Marines); Admiral Cornell FRANKLIN; H.G.W. WOODHEAD.
NHF-035-C-2: Reception on board USS AUGUSTA (CA-31), in summer of 1939. 9 images.
Present: Lieutenant Redfield MASON, USN; Commander H.E. SEILLER; Ambassador and Mrs. Nelson T. JOHNSON; Lieutenant John SYLVESTER; Lieutenant E.J. FOSTER; Captain T.P. MAGRUDER, USN (CO, Augusta); Imperial Japanese Navy Admiral HIBINO.
NHF-035-C-3: 6 images of activities, 25 July-1 August 1939, Shanghai, China. Views of preparatory events at the Change of Command ceremony, Shanghai, aboard USS Augusta when Admiral T.C. HART, USN, took over as CinCAF. Views show Admiral Hart and Admiral Yarnell; one image shows Yarnell leaving Augusta in Admiral’s barge.
NHF-035-C-4: CinCAF, 1936-1939 (cont.) Miscellaneous photographs. 33 Images.
At the races; Admiral Yarnell’s barge; memorial plaque to Seaman 1st class F.J. FALGOUT, USN; USMC Detachment inspection, June 1937; Newspaper clipping of portrait photograph of Lady Archibald Clark Kerr, wife of the British Ambassador to China; injured Chinese woman, Shanghai, during Sino-Japanese War period, c. 1937; Governor’s residence, TSINGTAO; Color guard, PEKING (Beijing).
Personnel: Brigadier General J.C. BEAUMONT, USMC; Colonel Charles F.B. PRICE, USMC; Major General TELFER-SMOLLETT, RA; Colonel CLARKE, USMC; Captain LINDSAY, USN (C.O. USS CHAUMONT [AP-5]); Rear Admiral J. MARQUART, USN (ComYangPat); Captain R.F. McConnell, USN; Lieutenant John Sylvester, USN; Ambassador Nelson T. Johnson; Dr. James M. LOVE; Mayor Tseng YANG FU of Canton, China; Mrs. SHIELDS; Mrs. R.F. (Grace) McConnell.
Places: Shanghai, CANTON, HONG KONG, Peking, Tsingtao, Chefoo (China)
Ships: Taken aboard USS Augusta; USS Chaumont; USS  BARKER (DD-213).
NHF-035-C-5: 8x10 prints, c. 1936-1939. (7 prints and 1 printout from NHC’s Online Library)
Personnel: Captain C.E.L. HELFRICH, RNN; Ambassador Johnson; Captain McConnell, USN; Vice Admiral Kiyoshi HASEGAWA, IJN (CinC, 3rd China Fleet); Rear Admiral SUGIYAMA, IJN (Chief of Staff, CinC, 3rd Fleet); Commander FUJINO, IJN (Flag Lieutenant, CinC, 3rd Fleet); Lieutenant Sylvester, USN.
Misc: Waterspout, from Augusta; Buddha near CHUNGKING; view of burning Chinese city of CHAIPEI, from roof of Park Hotel, Shanghai, China, October 1937, given him by Captain J.C. LEACH, RN-Commanding HMS CUMBERLAND (British Heavy Cruiser, 1926).



15 miscellaneous images of Yarnell’s activities from 1939-1957.
These include:
4 photos of Yarnell as Superintendent of CULVER MILITARY ACADEMY, Indiana, c. 1948, interacting with students and staff, etc.
2 images of Yarnell in the spectator stands at a sporting contest;
1 image with Rear Admiral Thomas H. ROBBINS, Jr., Mrs. Yarnell, and Miss Ruth Thomas
1 image with Mrs. Yarnell, Mrs. Woodward, and Miss Hope L. Furlong; Edgewood, RI, March 10, 1943;
1 image with Wendell WILKIE, Mrs. WILKIE;
1 image of the admiral with Mrs. C.B. LUCE at a China Relief Meeting;
1 image of Mrs. Yarnell, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. C.B. Luce, Admiral Yarnell, and Ms. Moore at a China Relief Meeting, NEWPORT, RI.;
1 image of Mrs. Yarnell with Dr. James Rowland and Fred L. Black at a formal dinner held for essay contest winners;
1 image with daughter Ruth SYLVESTER; Mr. Barnet HOVER (radio commentator); and in a group picture with the Institute of Pacific Relations, c. November 1939.
1 Japanese sketch cartoon poster from Tsingtau, 1939



14 miscellaneous portrait or single views of Admiral or Mrs. Yarnell, c. 1922-1945. (Note: one of these is the collection photo.)
These include:
1 image of Yarnell as C.O., NAS HAMPTON ROADS, c. 1922-1924;
1 image while as Chief of Bureau of Engineering (BuEng);
1 as Commander, Aircraft, Battle Force (COMAIRBATFOR);
1 image from 1935 as Commandant 14th Naval District (COM 14);
2 images taken c. 1936-1937 as CinCAF;
4 taken c. 1945;
1 while at Culver Military Academy, c. August 1948.
2 images of Mrs. Yarnell, c. 1937 [Mrs. Yarnell nee Emily Carroll Thomas daughter of Rear Admiral and Mrs. Charles Mitchell Thomas];
1 image Admiral and Mrs. Yarnell together, c. 1940.



10 miscellaneous primarily portrait images of family and friends and acquaintances, c. 1930s and 1940s. These include:
2 images of son-in-law Captain John Sylvester, USN, one aboard USS MISSOURI;
1 image of daughter Ruth Yarnell Sylvester;
1 image of grandson C.T. SYLVESTER;
1 image of brother David Yarnell;
1 image of eldest grandson, John SYLVESTER, Jr;
Son Philip YARNELL;
Vice Admiral Hibino;
Dr. H.H. KUNG;
Captain H.M. BEMIS, USN.
Evelyn Louise Herron, granddaughter of Admiral STANLEY (Note this is filed in Oversize Prints).



5 miscellaneous ship views:
USS Augusta (CA-31); USS ISABEL (PY-10); USS Saratoga (CV-3); USS BARRY or USS DALE).



5 miscellaneous views, including:
3 images of the Yarnell farm, c. 1939, in CONWAY Massachusetts;
1 photo of Distinguished Service Medal, received in August 1939;
1 certificate from U.S. Naval Institute certifying life membership (transferred to Operational Archives)



Oversize Prints, filed in Oversize Print Folder
Admiral Thomas C. Hart, USN; Mrs. T.C. Hart (NH 83511);
Certificate of honorary membership, USMC NCO Club, Peiping, China, c.1938 (NH83513) (transferred to Operational Archives)
Certificate of membership in “Yangtze River Rats”, c. 1938 (NH 83524-25) (transferred to Operational Archives)
Rear Admiral Hutch Ingham CONE, USN;



13 photos and 1 drawing of Admiral Harry E. Yarnell and/or Mrs. Yarnell. Photographers include: Blackstone, NY. The drawing is by Joseph F. Mathews, Oakland, California, April 12, 1938. Medium is colored pencil. Acc # 64-043-2 and64-043-1. (Note: 4 of the prints and the drawing are in the Oversize Print file.)



Acc #64-043-1
16 photos of the USS Augusta in the port of Shanghai, China, and of the port itself, c. 1937. Other ships that appear include: HIJMS IDZUMO;
1 photo of USS Augusta in SYDNEY Harbor;
1 photograph of Admiral Yarnell flanked by Captain R.F. McConnell (chief of staff) and Lieutenant John Sylvester (Flag-lieutenant) c. October-November, 1936 aboard the Augusta;
1 photo of the commanders of neutral naval forces in Chinese waters meeting on board of the USS Augusta, October, 1937. (This is very similar to NH 77815 in which all the personnel has been identified.);
1 photo of Admiral Yarnell and Captain Riley F. McConnell with 3 officers of the Imperial Japanese Navy;
1 photo of USS LEXINGTON (CV-2) off Honolulu, 1933 (Filed: Oversize Prints);
1 snapshot of Phillip Yarnell standing next to the USS CONSTELLATION (1797-1955), Newport, RI, 1928. (NH55374);
1 photograph of USS Augusta in Shanghai, China, with a fire, the result of Japanese shelling, in the background. September, 1937.



Senior thesis entitled Stardom from Iowa the Life and Times of Adm. Harry E. Yarnell, USN, by Charles Booth SCHAFF, May, 1947. Princeton University. (transferred to Operational Archives)



4 photographs from a bronze plaque commemorating the co-operation of the US Naval Force with the China Relief Expedition, Rear Admiral George C. REMEY, CinC (letter included concerning the photographs being sent to Mrs. Yarnell). (Filed: Oversize Prints)



Under this number all of the NH negative numbers have been collected for the Yarnell Collection.


For associated textual materials, please visit the donated personal papers collection of Harry E. Yarnell

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