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General John J. Pershing, Commander, American Expeditionary Force, to Vice Admiral William S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters




August 4, 1917

Dear Admiral:

     The organization of the Line of Communications here has reached the point where it needs a naval representative of experience on the staff of the commanding general and one naval officer at each of the ports of Bordeaux and Saint-Nazaire. Captain Baker1 will continue to be needed on my own staff.

     I am writing to ask whether you can furnish these additional officers. If not, please recommend to me suitable officers from the retired list, as there may be others like Captain Baker who would be glad to have their services made use of in this capacity.2

     With kind regards,

Very sincerely yours,   

John J. Pershing.  

Source Note: Cy, DLC-MSS, William S. Sims Papers, Box 23.

Footnote 1: Capt. Asher C. Baker.

Footnote 2: For Sims’ response, see: Sims to Pershing, 11 August 1917.

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