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Assistant Adjutant General Edward J. McClernand to Deputy Quartermaster General Colonel Charles F. Humphrey



Tampa, Fla., June 2, 1898.  


          The Commanding General1 directs you to give Captain Hunker,2 U. S. Navy every facility to obtain information as to the transports, their number, etc., and to aid him in every way

          You will further direct the Captains of these transports that they are under the orders of the Senior Naval Officer present in all that pertains to the assignment of position and sailing of the fleet.

Very respectfully,          

E. J. Mc.Clernand,     

Assistant Adjutant General.

Source Note: Cy, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 230. Addressed before opening: “Colonel C. F. Humphrey, D.Q.M.G.,/Tampa, Florida.”

Footnote 1: Maj. Gen. William R. Shafter.

Footnote 2: Cmdr. John J. Hunker.

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