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Casualties on Maine 

List of officers, Sailors, and Marines on board Maine, who were killed or drowned when that vessel was wrecked in the harbor of Havana, 15 February 1898, or who subsequently died of their injuries.

(The men marked with an asterisk (*) died subsequently of injuries received when Maine was destroyed.) 


Jenkins, Friend W., lieutenant
Merritt, Darwin R., assistant engineer 


Adams, John T., coal passer
Aitken, James P., boatswain's mate, first class
Anderson, Axel C., seaman
Anderson, Charles, landsman
Anderson, Gustav A., seaman
Anderson, Holm A., coal passer
Anderson, John, boatswain's mate, second class
Anderson, John, seaman
Andrews, Frank, ordinary seaman
Anfindsen, Abraham, cockswain
Anglund, Bernhard, blacksmith
Auchenbach, Harry, fireman, second class
Barry, John P., apprentice, first class
Barry, Lewis L., coal passer
Baum, Henry S., landsman
Becker, Jakob, chief machinist
Bell, John R., cabin steward
Blomberg, Fred, landsman
Boll, Fritz, bayman
Bonner, Leon, seaman
Bookbinder, John, apprentice, second class
Boyle, James, quartermaster, first class
Brinkman, Heinrich, seaman
Brofeldt, Arthur, chief gunner's mate
Bruns, Adolph C., quartermaster, third class
Burkhardt, Robert, quartermaster, second class
Burns, Edward, coal passer
Butler, Frederick F., machinist, second class
Caine, Thomas, blacksmith
Cameron, Walter, seaman
Carr, Herbert M., gunner's mate, second class
Caulfield, William R.B., landsman
Chingi, Suke, mess attendant
Christiansen, Charles A., fireman, first class
Clark, Thomas, coal passer
Clarke, James C., shipwright
Cochrane, Michael, fireman, first class
Cole, Thomas M., bayman
Coleman, William, fireman, second class
Coleman, William, ordinary seamen
Conroy, Anthony, coal passer
Cosgrove, William, fireman, second class
Curran, Charles, cockswain
Dahlman, Berger, seaman
Dennig, Charles, seaman
Donoughy, William, ordinary seaman
Drury, James, fireman, first class
Edler, George, seaman
Eiermann, Charles F.W., gunner's mate, first class
*Erikson, Andrew V., seaman
Etts, John P., seaman
Evensen, Karl, seaman
Fadde, Charles F.J., apprentice, first class
Falk, Rudolph, oiler
Faubel, George D., chief machinist
Fewer, William J., boatswain's mate, second class
Finch, Trubie, apprentice, first class
Fisher, Alfred J., oiler
*Fisher, Frank, ordinary seaman
Flaherty, Michael, fireman, first class
Fleishman, Lewis M., seaman
Flynn, Patrick, fireman, second class
Fougere, John, coal passer
Fountain, Bartley, boatswain's mate, first class
Frank, Charles, apprentice, first class
Furlong, James F., coal passer
Gaffney, Patrick, fireman, first class
Gardner, Frank, coal passer
Gardner, Thomas J., chief, yeoman
Gordon, Joseph F., fireman, first class
Gorman, William H., ordinary seaman
Grady, Patrick, coal passer
Graham, Edward P., coal passer
Graham, James A., chief yeoman
Greer, William A., apprentice, first class
Griffin, Michael, fireman, second class
Gross, Henry, landsman
Grupp, Reinhardt, coal passer
Hallberg, John A., oiler
Hamburger, William, landsman
Hamilton, Charles A., apprentice, first class
Hamilton, John, chief carpenter's mate
Hanrahan, William C., cockswain
Harley, Daniel O'C., fireman, second class
Harris, Edward, water tender
Harris, Millard F., quartermaster, third class
Harty, Thomas J., coal passer
Hassell, Charles F., gunner's mate, third class
Hauck, Charles, landsman
Hawkins, Howard B., ordinary seaman
Hennekes, Albert B., gunner's mate, second class
Herriman, Benjamin H., apprentice, first class
*Holland, Alfred J., cockswain
Holm, Gustav, boatswain's mate, second class
*Holzer, Frederick C., ordinary seaman
Horn, William J, fireman, first class
Hough, William L., landsman
Hughes, Patrick, fireman, first class
Ishida, Otogiro, steerage cook
*Jectson, Harry, seaman
*Jernee, Fred, coal passer
Jencks, Carlton, gunner's mate, third class
Johansen, Peter C., seaman
Johnson, Charles, ordinary seaman
Johnson, George, coal passer
Johnson, John W., landsman
Johnsson, Peter, oiler
Jones, Thomas J., coal passer
Just, Charles F., apprentice, first class
Kane, Michael, coal passer
Kay, John A., machinist, first class
Kelly, Hugh, coal passer
Kelly, John, coal passer
Keskull, Alexander, seaman
Keys, Harry J., ordinary seaman
Kihlstrom, Fritz, ordinary seaman
Kinsella, Thomas F., machinist, second class
Kinsey, Frederick E., machinist, second class
Kitagata, Yukichi, warrant officer's cook
Kniese, Frederick H., machinist, first class
*Koebler, George W., apprentice, first class
Kranyak, Charles, apprentice, first class
Kruse, Hugo, painter
Laird, Charles, master-at-arms, third class
Lambert, William, fireman, second class
Lancaster, Luther, boatswain's mate, second class
Lapierre, George, apprentice, first class
Lawler, Edward, coal passer
League, James M., chief yeoman
Lee, William J., apprentice, first class
Leene, Daniel, coal passer
Lees, Samuel, ordinary seaman
Leupold, Gustav, fireman, second class
Lewis, Daniel, oiler
Lewis, John B., water tender
Lieber, George, apprentice, first class
Lorenzen, Jorgen J., oiler
Louden, James W., apprentice, second class
Lowell, Clarence E., ordinary seaman
Lund, William, cockswain
Lydon, John T., ordinary seaman
Lynch, Bernard, fireman, first class
Lynch, Matthew, coal passer
McGonigle, Hugh, fireman, second class
McManus, John J, fireman, second class
McNiece, Francis J., coal passer
Malone, Michael, fireman, second class
Marsden, Benjamin L., apprentice, first class
Marshall, John E., landsman
Martensson, Johan, gunner's mate, third class
Mason, James H., landsman
Matiasen, Carl, seaman
Matza, John, coal passer
Meilstrup, Elmer M., ordinary seaman
Mero, Eldon H., chief machinist
Merz, John, landsman
Miller, George, seaman
Miller, William S., apprentice, second class
Mobles, George, cockswain
Monfort, William, landsman
Moore, Edward H., coal passer
Moss, Gerhard C., machinist, first class
Moss, John H., landsman
Mudd, Noble T., seaman
Murphy, Cornelius, oiler
Nagamine, Tomekichi, mess attendant
Nielsen, John C., seaman
Nielsen, Sophus, cockswain
Noble, William, fireman, second class
Nolan, Charles M., gunner's mate, third class
O'Conner, James, chief boatswain's mate
O'Hagan, Thomas J., apprentice, first class
Ohye, Mas, mess attendant
O'Neill, Patrick, fireman, second class
Ording, Gustav C., carpenter's mate, third class
O'Regan, Henry H., landsman
Paige, Frederick, landsman
Palmgren, John, seaman
Perry, Robert, mess attendant
Phillips, Francis C., apprentice, first class
Pinkney, James, mess attendant
Porter, John, coal passer
Powers, John, oiler
Price, Daniel, fireman, first class
Quigley, Thomas J., plumber and fitter
Quinn, Charles P., oiler
Reiger, William A., gunner's mate, first class
Reilly, Joseph, fireman, first class
Rising, Newell, coal passer
Robinson, William, landsman
Roos, Peter, sailmaker
Rushworth, William, chief machinist
Safford, Clarence E., gunner's mate, first class
Salmin, Michael E., ordinary seaman
Schroeder, August, ordinary seaman
Scott, Charles A., carpenter's mate, second class
Scully, Joseph, boiler maker
Seery, Joseph, fireman, first class
Sellers, Walter S., apothecary
Shea, John J., coal passer
Shea, Patrick J., fireman, first class
Shea, Thomas, landsman
Sheridan, Owen, fireman, second class
Shillington, John H., yeoman, third class
Simmons, Alfred, coal passer
*Smith, Carl A., seaman
Smith, Nicholas J., apprentice, first class
Stevenson, Nicholas, seaman
Sugisaki, Isa, wardroom steward
Sutton, Frank, fireman, second class
Suzuki, Kashitara, mess attendant
Talbot, Frank C., landsman
Tehan, Daniel J., coal passer
Thompson, George, landsman
Tigges, Frank B., coppersmith
Tinsman, William H., landsman
Todoresco, Constantin, fireman, first class
Troy, Thomas, coal passer
Tuohey, Martin, coal passer
Wallace, John, ordinary seaman
Walsh, Joseph F., cockswain
Warren, John, fireman, second class
White, Charles O., chief master-at-arms
White, Robert, mess attendant
Whiten, George, seaman
Wickstrom, Johan E., seaman
Wilbur, George W., apprentice, first class
Wilson, Albert, seaman
Wilson, Robert, chief quartermaster
Zeigler, John H., coal passer 


Bennet, John, private
Botting, Vincent H., private
Brosnan, George, private
Brown, James T., sergeant
Burns, James R., private
Dierking, John H., drummer
Downing, Michael J., private
Johnson, Charles E., private
Jordan, William J., private
Kean, Edward F., private
Kelly, Frank, private
Lauriette, George M., private
Losko, Peter A., private
McDermott, John, private
Monahan, Joseph P., private
Newman, F.J., private
Newton, C.H., fifer
Richter, A.H., corporal
Roberts, James H., private
Schoen, Joseph, corporal
Stock, H.E., private
Strongman, James, private
Suman, E.B., private
Timpany, E.B., private
Van Horn, H.A., private
Wagner, Henry, first sergeant
Warren, Asa V., private
Wills, A.O., private

Source: Appendix to the Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, 1898 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1898).


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