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Rear Admiral Henry B. Wilson, Commander, Patrol Force, to Patrol Force


Campaign Order                 U. S. S. OLYMPIA, Flagship

No. 3                          17 May 1917.


(a) Northern Patrol, Captain [Hilary P. Jones].

     Squadron: One.

(b) Nantucket Patrol, Captain [Nathan C. Twining].

     Squadron: Two.

(c) Chesapeake Patrol, Captain [Casey B. Morgan].

     Squadron: Six, less Columbia.

     (d) Southern Patrol, Captain [Joseph W. Oman].

     Squadron: Five

(e) Gulf Patrol, Captain [Marbury Johnston].

     Squadron: Four, less St. Louis.

(f) Caribbean Patrol, Captain [Edwin A. Anderson].

     Squadron: Three, less Charleston.

(g) Columbia, Charleston, St. Louis

1. No further information.

2. This force will furnish maximum possible protection transatlantic commerce of the United States and friendly powers in areas to seaward of and contiguous to areas guarded by Naval District Forces, which at present extend only to the headlands.

3. (a) Northern Patrol. Guard area between lines bearing ninety from CAPE SABLE and one hundred from SANKATY HEAD.  Base BOSTON and PORTSMOUTH.

   (b) NANTUCKET Patrol Guard area south of northern patrol to line bearing one hundred and ten from ABSECON LIGHT.  Base NEW YORK AND NEWPORT.

   (c) Chesapeake Patrol. Guard area south of Nantucket patrol to line bearing one hundred and ten from CAPE HATTERAS.  Base HAMPTON ROADS.

   (d) Southern Patrol. Guard area south of Chesapeake patrol to line bearing one hundred and seven from CAPE CANAVERAL.  Base Charleston.

   (e) GULF Patrol. Guard area of the Bahamas south of Southern patrol north of latitude twenty three and west of meridian seventy five, and the GULF of MEXICO.  Base KEY WEST and NEW ORLEANS.

   (f) Caribbean Patrol. Guard area south of Gulf and Southern patrols and the CARIBBEAN west and north of a line from the PANAMA Columbia boundary to the west point of JAMAICA, thence along north coast of JAMAICA, south coast of HAITI, PORTO RICO, and SANTA CRUZ, through ANEGADA PASSAGE, and thence eighty-four degrees.  BASE GUANTANAMO and ST. THOMAS.

   (g) Columbia at HAMPTON ROADS; Charleston at ST. THOMAS; St. Louis at KEY WEST; in readiness for offense against raiders, subject to the direct control of the Force Commander. Be prepared to operate at high speed on short notice as far as meridian fifty. Keep full of fuel.

   (h) Use every means to capture or destroy enemy vessels sighted. Co-operate closely and constantly with the Commandants of Naval Districts in adjustment of areas of operation, in exchange of information, and in routing ongoing and incoming merchant vessels. Use seventy-five time.


5. Flag on OLYMPIA vicinity NEW YORK.

   Cipher as indicated.


Copies to:

C-in-C [Henry T. Mayo]                   6

Squadron Comdrs         12

Commanding Officer, OLYMPIA [Henry S. Knapp]   1

Comdts Naval Districts One to Eight  1

M. S. Tisdale.1


Source Note: DS, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 1: Lt. Mahlon S. Tisdale.

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