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Secretary of the Navy John D. Long to Secretary of War Russell A. Alger



Navy Department, Washington [DC], May 31, 1898.

Sir: This Department begs leave to inquire what means are to be employed by the War Department for landing the troops, artillery, horses, siege guns, mortars, and other heavy objects, when the pending military expedition arrives on the Cuban coast near Santiago.

While the Navy will be prepared to furnish all the assistance that may be in its power, it is obvious that the crews of the armored ships and of such others as will be called upon to remove the Spanish mines and to meet the Spanish fleet in action can not be spared for other purposes, and ought not to be fatigued by the work incident to landing of the troops, stores, etc.

     Very respectfully,


John D. Long, Secretary.

The Honorable the Secretary of War.

Source Note Print: Correspondence-War with Spain, vol. 1, p. 19.

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