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In its basic elements the training of a Bluejacket is the same as for men of the other branches of our Armed Forces. All are outfitted. All are toughened physically and mentally. All are practiced in discipline. All undergo the process that changes them from everyday civilians to the two-fisted fighters, able and willing to prove that men who live in freedom can protect that normal right.

Each service develops these qualities in terms of its own needs and in the Navy, of course, that means ships and everything that goes with them. Upon graduation from the training station some men go to the fleet at once. Others go on to further and more specialized training in accordance with their ability and the order of Navy needs. All eventually take their places in the complicated and efficient organization that protects the sea lanes for the United Nationals on all the oceans of the world.

The pictures below were taken at recruit camp. They show some of the more important steps in the moulding of our Navy’s fighting men.

1. Coming on Board.
2. “Civies” Gone.
3. Individual Fitting.
4. Stowing Gear.
5. “Shots.”
6. Chow.
7. Toughening Up.
8. Small Arms
9. “Dress Right – DRESS!”
10. Target Practice.
11. In the Swim.
12. Volley Ball.
13. Tattoo.
14. Small Boats.
15. Clove Hitch.
16. Aptitude Test.
17. Heaving the Lead.
18. Semaphore.
19. Learning from Models.
20. Gun Crew.
21. Taking the Wheel.
22. Ready to Go.
23. Advanced School.
24. Going to Sea.

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