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W. L. Messick (S.P. 322)


The Navy retained the name carried by this vessel at the time of her acquisition.

(S.P. 322: tonnage 237 (gross registered); length 145'0"; beam 23'0"; draft 9'0" (mean); complement 36; armament 1 6-pounder)

W. L. Messick, a wooden-hulled, screw steamer built in 1911 at Norfolk, Va., by Smith & McCoy, was purchased by the Navy on 7 April 1917 from Joseph H. Bellows of Reedville, Va. Commissioned simultaneously, W. L. Messick, classified as S. P. 322, was assigned to the Fifth Naval District and served as a minesweeper in the Virginia capes area for the duration of the Great War [World War I]. She was subsequently decommissioned and sold on 27 August 1919 to her former owner.

Updated, Robert J. Cressman

30 March 2022

Published: Wed Mar 30 15:04:44 EDT 2022