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Tanguingui (S. P. 126)

(SP-126: t. 51; 1. 63'6"; b. 15'10"; dr. 3'8"- (aft); s. 12 mph.; cpl. 8; a. 1 1-pdr.)

Tanguingui (S. P. 126), a motor yacht built in 1915 at Morris Heights, N.Y., by the New York Yacht Launch & Engine Co., was acquired by the United States Navy on 28 June 1917 under free lease from Mr. J. C. McCoy of New York City and was placed in commission on 31 October 1917.

Assigned to the 7th Naval District throughout World War I, Tanguingui operated out of Key West patrolling along the extreme southern coast of Florida to prevent incursions by German underseas raiders. Following the armistice, she continued to serve the Navy until her main battery, small arms, and ammunition were removed on 6 February 1919. Tanguingui's name was struck from the Navy list on 7 April 1919, and the yacht was returned to her owner two weeks later.

Published: Wed Feb 17 07:33:17 EST 2016