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(Sch.: t. 30; a. l heavy 12-pdr. sb. how.)

A nickname won by Brigadier General Thomas Jonathan Jackson at the First Battle of Manassas. See Stonewall Jackson for the biography of General Jackson.

The first Stonewall was a Southern pilot boat captured by Union screw gunboat Tahoma on, or sometime shortly before, 24 February 1863. She was placed in service as a tender to Tahoma pending legal proceedings against her at Key West. She was condemned there and formally purchased by the Navy from the Key West prize court on 24 July 1863. She operated between Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor, Fla., for over one and one-half years, serving as a tender for the various Union warships assigned in turn to Tampa Bay. The highlight of her career came on 24 January 1864 when she captured Southern sloop Josephine of Tampa bound for Havana with seven bales of cotton.

In October 1864, Stonewall was transferred to blockade duty, still as a tender, between St. Marks and Cedar Keys, Fla., and she served in that area through the end of the Civil War. She was inactivated late in May 1865 and was sold at auction at Key West on 28 June 1865 to I. Silvery.


Stonewall, an ironclad ram built at Bordeaux, France, in 1863 and 1864 for the Confederacy, was turned over to the Captain General of Cuba after the end of the Civil War. In July 1865, the Cuban government delivered her to the United States Navy at Havana, and she was taken to the United States by Hornet and Rhode Island, arriving at the Washington Navy Yard on 25 November 1865. She had no service in the United States Navy and was subsequently sold to the Japanese Government on 5 August 1867. Renamed Kotetsu and later Adsuma, the ship served Japan until she was sold in 1891 to a fishing company. See DANFS II, 569, for a more detailed account of Stonewall's Confederate career.

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