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Stark County

(LST-1134: dp. 4,080; l. 328'0"; b. 50'0"; dr. 14'1"; s. 11.6 k. (tl.) ; cpl. 119; trp. 147; a. 8 40mm.; cl. LST-542)

Counties in Illinois, North Dakota, and Ohio.

LST-1134 was laid down on 18 December 1944 at Seneca, Ill., by the Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.; launched on 16 March 1945; sponsored by Miss Ella Arne; and commissioned on 7 April 1945, Lt. C. R. Barheght, USNR, in command.

After a brief shakedown cruise, LST-1134 loaded 800 tons of cargo and departed Theodore, Ala., for the western Pacific on 12 May. On 28 July, she reached Okinawa after a voyage of over two months duration and visits to various bases along the way. She remained at Okinawa unloading her cargo of ammunition until 29 August. From then until January 1946, she operated between Japan and various American bases scattered throughout the western Pacific. On 29 January 1946, she entered port at San Diego, Calif., and commenced a yard overhaul. The tank landing ship completed overhaul and sailed westward on 15 July, reaching Apra Harbor, Guam, on 18 September. Between October 1946 and September 1950, she transported passengers and cargo between the islands in the western Pacific. From September to December 1950, LST-1134 supported the United Nations forces fighting in Korea. She landed men and supplies at Inchon, Hungnam, and Pusan.

She entered Pearl Harbor on 14 June 1951 for a yard overhaul and to begin a tour of duty in the Hawaiian Islands. There she remained until 1966, transporting passengers and cargo between the islands of the Territory-and later state-of Hawaii and participating in amphibious exercises. She was named Stark County on 1 July 1955. On 16 May 1966, she was transferred to Thailand on loan and became Pangan (LST-3). In April 1972, the loan was changed to a permanent grant; and her name was subsequently struck from the Navy list.

Published: Thu Sep 24 13:32:23 EDT 2015