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Samoset I (Harbor tug No. 5)

(Harbor tug No. 5: dp. 225; l. 92'6"; b. 21'; dr. 8'9" (mean) ; s. 12 k.)

An Indian chief who deeded some 12,000 acres in present-day Maine to the English in July 1625. He died after 1653 and was buried near Bristol, Maine.

The first Samoset, harbor tug number 5, was laid down at the Norfolk Navy Yard on 13 January 1895 and launched on 20 March 1897. Designated YT-5 in 1920, Samoset spent her entire career on the Atlantic coast, and was based at the Philadelphia Navy Yard for more than thirty years. During the latter part of her career, the name Samoset was dropped and she was known only as YT-5 until redesignated YTM-5 in 1944. She was declared surplus after the end of World War II and was transferred to the Maritime Commission for disposal on 9 January 1947.

Published: Wed Sep 02 09:36:28 EDT 2015