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Samaritan (AH-10)


Image related to Samaritan
Caption: Samaritan (AH-10) off Iwo Jima in February 1945, with Mount Suribachi in the background. Beyond the hospital ship are LST-755 and LST-764 in weathered patterned camouflage. Samaritan is painted white with a green hull band and red crosses on sides and funnel. Compare her with Relief (AH-1) and Repose (AH-16).

A person from Samaria, a region and city of ancient Palestine. In one of his most widely known parables, Christ portrayed a "good Samaritan" as an example of helpful neighborliness. A name in keeping with the mission of hospital ships.

Chaumont (AP-5) (q.v.) was renamed and reclassified Samaritan (AH-10) on 2 September 1943.

For full history see Chaumont (AP-5).

Published: Mon Apr 06 18:17:20 EDT 2020