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Rin Tin Tin

(YW-30: displacement 560; length 210-; beam 50-; draft 13-8-; depth of hold 9-; speed unknown (600 horsepower); complement 10; armament none)

A war dog in U.S. Army service which carried messages on the western front during World War I.

Rin Tin Tin was launched during 1883 by William Simons Ship Building Co., Renfrew, Scotland, as the wooden coal barge Renfrew; purchased by the Royal Navy for World War I service; subsequently purchased 19 October 1919 in France for the U.S. Navy from the British Admiralty for service as a self-propelled water barge; and renamed Rin Tin Tin.

Although plans called for acquisition of 32 vessels of this general type to support U.S. operations in Europe, the war's end reduced the actual purchases to eight vessels. Rin Tin Tin was assigned to the 5th Naval District 13 November 1919 and proceeded to Norfolk Navy Yard during that month. She was officially designated Water Barge No. 30, 18 February 1920, simultaneously dropping her name completely. Decommissioned 8 March 1920, Water Barge No. 30 departed Norfolk 13 April 1920 in tow for New York Navy Yard for conversion to a water barge. She was classified YW-30 as a district craft on 17 July 1920.

Departing New York 13 November 1920 in tow for the Pacific coast, YW-30 was officially assigned to the Pacific Fleet 19 November 1920. After arriving San Diego, Calif., via the Panama Canal, YW-30 served at San Diego, San Pedro, and Mare Island Navy Yard into 1932 to provide the fleet with fresh water. Struck from the Navy list 6 April 1932, YW-30 was accordingly decommissioned 15 April at the Destroyer Base, San Diego. She was sold on 28 June 1932 to Hillcone Steam Ship Co., of San Francisco, Calif.

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