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Procyon III (AF-61)

(AF-61: dp. 14,180; l. 460-; b. 63-; dr. 26-7-; s. 16 k.; cpl. 292; a. 1 3-; cl. Alstede; T. C2-S-B1)

A first-magnitude star in the constellation Canis Minor.


Procyon (AF-61) was laid down 15 April 1942 as MC hull No. 188 by the Moore DD Co., Oakland, Calif.; launched 1 July 1942 as SS Flying Scud; sponsored by Mrs. Carl W. Flesher; operated by the United Fruit Co. (18 August 1943-4 September 1946) under a General Agency Agreement with the Maritime Commission; acquired by the Pacific Far East Lines, Inc., under bare boat charter (5 September 1946-19 October 1948); transfered to the General Steamship Corp. 19 October 1948 under a General Agency Agreement; returned to MARAD 26 October 1948 and laid tip at Suisun Bay, Calif.; re-chartered by Pacific Far East Lines 10 December 1948; placed in the Maritime Reserve Fleet at Suisun Bay 24 February 1956; acquired by the Navy 8 August 1961 and converted to Navy use at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard; renamed Procyon (AF-61), 13 October 1961; and commissioned 24 November 1961, Capt. N.I. Lee, Jr., in command.

After shakedown, Procyon engaged in the testing of Fast at Sea Transfer equipment (FAST) with other replenishment ships of the Pacific Fleet, before deploying to the Western Pacific 2 June 1962. She remained in and around Sasebo, Japan for three months, returning to the U.S. 26 September. She made her second WestPac deployment in support of 7th Fleet carrier task groups 23 February 1963, returning 7 July to conduct Fleet exercises and night replenishment operations until 6 October. Procyon was ordered back to WestPac in late October, returning 7 March 1964 for coastal operations. She was employed in the Gulf of Tonkin with the 7th Fleet (1 August-7 December) during the Vietnam crises.

Procyon has since operated in support of the 7th Fleet, in the struggle against communist aggression in Southeast Asia, off the coast of Vietnam, returning periodically to the U.S. for rest, upkeep and training. She provides logistic support to Task Force 77 units on Yankee Station, as well as to Market Time Patrol craft along the coast and harbor facilities from Da Nang to Vung Tau. Into 1970, Procyon continues a vital service to the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Published: Tue Aug 25 07:51:53 EDT 2015