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Powhatan III

An Indian chief (1550–1618), father of Pocahontas; he headed a confederation of tribes in tidewater Virginia in the late 16th and early 17th century.


(StTug: dp. 194; l. 101’ b.p.; b. 21’; dr. 10’; s. 13 k.; cpl. 35; a. 1 3-pdr., 1 37mm.)

Powhatan, formerly Penwood, was built in 1892 by the Maryland Steel Co., Baltimore, Md. She was purchased by the Navy 8 April 1898 and commissioned 20 April 1898, Lt. F. M. Russell in command.

She was first attached to the Auxiliary Naval Force based at Pensacola, Fla. from 11 June to 8 August 1898. Later she was assigned to the Pensacola Navy Yard as yard tug. In 1900 she served the Marine Hospital Service, Treasury Department, as a quarantine vessel at Reedy Island, Del. She returned to the Navy in 1901 as yard tug at the New York Navy Yard and served as Powhatan until 1 September 1917, when her name was changed to Cayuga (q.v.).

She continued to be stationed at the New York Navy Yard until decommissioned on 20 April 1928. Cayuga (YT–12) was scrapped 5 June 1928.

Published: Tue Nov 10 07:37:30 EST 2015