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(YT-267: dp. 237; l. 100-; b. 25-; dr. 9-7-; s. 16 k.; cpl. 14; cl. Hiawatha; T. V2-ME-A1)

A sachem of Manhasset who signed the deed of East Hampton, Long Island, in 1648.

Pogatacut was laid down, under Maritime Commission contract, as Port Discovery (MC hull 434) by Birchfield Boiler Inc., Tacoma, Wash., 1 December 1941; launched 3 April 1942; sponsored by Mrs. David Nielsen; designated for Navy use and renamed Pogatacut (YT-267), 4 July 1942; and delivered to the Maritime Commission and transferred to the Navy, 23 December 1942.

Pogatacut, redesignated YTB-267, 15 May 1944, served the 12th Naval District, headquartered at San Francisco, through World War II. Then transferred to Hawaii, she served the 14th Naval District until placed out of service, in reserve, in May 1947. In reserve for almost four years, she was reactivated in February 1951 and assigned to the Philippines. Since that time, into 1970, she has provided tug services to Navy vessels in the Subic Bay area.

Published: Mon Aug 24 07:55:14 EDT 2015