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Plover I (AMc-3)


Any of numerous shore-inhabiting birds that differ from sandpipers in their short, hard tipped bill and usually stouter, more compact, build.

(AMc-3: displacement 197; length 85'6"; beam 22'6"; draft 9'5"; speed 10.0 knots; complement 17; armament 2 .30 caliber machine guns, 4 rifles)

The wooden-hulled fishing trawler Sea Rover—built in 1936 at Long Beach, Calif., by the Harbor Boat Building Co., Terminal Island—was purchased on 16 October 1940 from Mr. John Rados, converted to a coastal minesweeper at Martinolich Shipbuilding Co., San Pedro, Calif. and placed in service on 25 June 1941.

Plover (AMc-3)
Caption: Starboard broadside view of Plover at the time of her entering naval service. Note lack of markings and identification numbers; she appears to be painted in Measure 1, Dark Gray with Light Gray topmast. The boom does not seem to have been painted in keeping with the dividing line between the two colors as was done on other ships of the same type. (U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships Photograph BS 25572, National Archives and Records Administration, Still Pictures Branch, College Park, Md.)

Based at San Pedro, Calif., Plover performed sweeping and patrol duties along the coast until placed out of service on 17 September 1944. Stricken from the Navy Register on 14 October 1944, she was transferred to the Maritime Commission on 5 February 1945 and was returned to her former owner on the same date.

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17 August 2022

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