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Patapsco I (Slp)

(Slp: t. 380; l. 87' (keel); b. 29'; dph. 12' or 13'; cpl. 180; a. 20 guns)

A river in Maryland rising in Carroll County and emptying into Chesapeake Bay.


The first Patapsco was launched as Chesapeake 20 June 1799 by Capt. De Rochbruns, and renamed Patapsco between 10 October and 14 November. Commanded by Capt. Henry Geddes, she escorted brig Acteon to New Orleans, carrying General James Wilkenson and his staff to that port. She then cruised in the West Indies, protecting American shipping from French cruisers and privateers. Operating in Commodore Silas Talbot's squadron, she captured schooner Cecilia after a five-hour chase 28 May 1800. On 7 August she captured French letter of marque Dorade. In the autumn she also engaged Louisa Bridge but the schooner escaped. She aided Merrimack and a British frigate in capturing Curacao after the French had taken it from the Netherlands, before returning to Philadelphia in December. She was sold there in June 1801.

Published: Wed Aug 19 07:06:05 EDT 2015