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Pascagoula I (ScStr)

(ScStr: t. 4,000 (dw); l. 281'6"; b. 45'2"; dr. 12'6"; s. 8.5 k; Cpl. 59)

A river and town in Jackson County, Miss.


Pascagoula, was launched for USSB 15 May 1918 by Dierksi-Blodgett Shipbuilding Co., Pascagoula, Miss.; acquired by the Navy 4 October 1918 and commissioned the same day.

Assigned to NOTS, Pascagoula was fitted out for coastal service and sailed for Norfolk 15 October. However, after damage to her steering gear, she put in at Key West for temporary repairs. She arrived Norfolk 21 October. While the ship underwent further repairs at Norfolk Navy Yard the Armistice ended World War I. Pascagoula was ordered out of Navy service 30 November and decommissioned 21 December 1918. Returned to USSB early in 1919, she was scrapped in 1923.

Published: Tue Aug 18 14:44:05 EDT 2015