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Panama (S. P. 101)

(SP-101: t. 78; l. 78'; b. 21'; dr. 4'; s. 9.5 k.; a. 1 3-pdr., 1 mg.)

The isthmus joining North and South America; a Central American republic occupying this isthmus. On entering U.S. Naval Service Panama retained her former name.

Panama, a motor boat built in 1914 by Luther Finder, Key West, Fla., was acquired by the Navy from Miami & Nassau Passenger Line, Miami, Fla. 29 April 1919 and commissioned 26 May 1917.

In merchant service Panama had laid cable for Western Union in and around Key West. During her Naval career, she operated out of the 7th Naval District, headquartered at Key West. Patrolling in and around this port, she occasionally operated in Caribbean waters. While returning from the Canal Zone, she sighted two possible U-boats on her port bow 24 August 1918. She pursued them until dark, despite heavy weather which prevented a surface attack.

After the war Panama was transferred to the Department of Agriculture 4 November 1920.

Published: Thu Feb 11 08:00:46 EST 2016