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Paducah II (YTB-758)


The city in the western part of the state of Kentucky at the junction of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers.


(YTB-758: displacement 409 (full), 311 (light); length 109'0” (overall); beam 30'0”; draft 14'0” (maximum navigational), 13’0” (limiting); speed 12.0 knots; complement 12; class Pontiac)

The second Paducah (YTB-758) was laid down on 5 May 1960 at Slidell, La., by the Southern Shipbuilding Corp.; launched on 31 August 1960; delivered and placed in service on 24 February 1961.

Assigned to the Fifth Naval District, headquartered at Norfolk, Virginia, Paducah provided tug service for ships operating in those waters well into the 1990s. Stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 25 June 1999, being ultimately disposed-of by the Navy by the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service on 5 July 2001, the large harbor tug was sold for re-use or reutilization.

Acquired by the Thames Towboat Co., the hardy vessel, renamed Patricia Ann, received bow and stern thrusters in a renovation carried out in 2002 by the Thames Shipyard of New London, Conn., a modification that gave the vessel superior maneuvering qualities. She assists vessels and carries out coastal towing services out of New London.

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3 January 2024

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