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(SS-66: dp. 520.6 (surf. n.), 629 (subm.); l 172-4-; b. 18- --; dr. 14-5-; s. 14 k. (surf.), 10.5 k. (subm.); cpl. 29; a. 1 3-, 4 18- tt.; cl. O-1)

O-5, a submarine laid down 8 December 1916, was built in 1917 by Fore River Shipbuilding Co., Quincy, Mass.; launched 11 November 1917; and commissioned 8 June 1918, Lt. G. A. Trever in command.

During the final months of World War I, O-5 operated along the Atlantic coast and patrolled from Cape Cod to Key West. She departed Newport 3 November with a 20-sub contingent bound for European waters; however hostilities had ceased before the vessels reached the Azores.

After the Armistice, O-5 operated out of the Submarine School at New London, Conn. until 1923. O-5 then sailed to Coco Solo, C.Z. for a brief tour. On 28 October 1923, as O-5 entered Limon Bay, preparatory to transiting the Canal, she was rammed by United Fruit steamer Abangarez and sank in less than a minute, with the loss of 3 men.

Struck from the Navy Register 28 April 1924, she was sold as a hulk to R. K. Morris, Balboa, C.Z. 12 December 1924.