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New Haven
(Gondola: a. l 12-pdrs., 2 9-pdrs., 8 swivel; cpl. 45)

A city in the state of Connecticut.


New Haven was built in 1776 on Lake Champlain, Capt. Mansfield in command.

Under the overall command of General Benedict Arnold, New Haven took part in the engagement with the British Squadron at Valcour Island on 11 and 12 October 1776. On the night of the 12th, their ammunition being low, the Americans retreated towards Crown Point. The next day, being faced by superior forces, the Americans burned their vessels near Crown Point and retreated through the woods to Fort Ticonderoga. The New Haven was among those vessels burned.

New Haven (CL-76) was laid down 11 August 1941 by the New York SB Corp., Camden, N.J. While under construction, she was reclassified CV-24 on 16 February 1942 and renamed Belleau Wood (q.v.) 31 March 1942.

New Haven (CL-109), a Fargo-class light cruiser, was laid down 28 February 1944 by New York SB Corp., Camden, N.J. and was to launch 2 December 1945, but her construction was cancelled 12 August 1945.

New Haven (CLK-2), second of the Norfolk-class hunterkiller ships, was scheduled to be built by the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pa., but her construction was cancelled 9 February 1951, before she was laid down.

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